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    I enjoy vaping all day everyday.
  1. Strykker118A

    100 Days Baby! Woooo!

    Keep it up!! I have had a few analogs in my near year of vaping. Sometimes you just need to smoke to remind you of how nasty they are. I smoked one the other day and couldnt finish it. It was so nasty and smelled horrid. Anyways congrats.
  2. Def give Boba's Bounty from AVEjuice a try. My favorite liquid is a vanilla tobacco flavor from ######. I only have 2 flavors I vape, Boba and the vanilla tobacco. I havnt vaped Boba in about a month so it has been Vanilla Tobacco all day everyday and I cant get enough!!
  3. Everything tastes so much better as it steeps. One vendor I never hear anyone talk about is Vaporpro. They are personally my favorite. Theyre liquids are cheap and good which usually you get what you pay for but Vaporpro liquids you get way more than what you pay for. They also have the best vanilla I have ever tried!!!!
  4. Strykker118A


    I cant get away from my Vanilla Tobacco from vaporpro and Boba. Hard decision.......
  5. Strykker118A

    Pg/vg Experts Help Please!

    Well I have tried literally 15 different vanillas and I must say that the Vanilla and Vanilla Tobacco from VaporPro are true vanilla liquids. Tastes like vanilla and smells so good I just wanna drink the stuff, lol. All I vape is Bobas Bounty and my Vanilla so I was thinking about maybe throwing some menthol or RY4 into my routine to help with my getting used to the vanillas. Im definitely gonna try the 60/40 mix vanilla and see how much better the Pg is in my devices. What exactly is Ry4? Like do you guys know what is in the liquid as far as flavors? I hear caramel and vanilla. Someone also said something about toasted marshmallows. Kinda wanna try that one too.
  6. Strykker118A

    Pg/vg Experts Help Please!

    What Im looking at is a 60pg/40vg Vanilla Tobacco. I get the flavor shots(same flavoring used in the juice) to add extra flavoring to it anyways. I thought I seen somewhere on this forum that pg has a better flavor but wasnt too sure. I figure with the 60/40 mix theres still gonna be vapor production but not as much as my 100% VG. Just gonna try and mix it up a little bit cause Im getting used to all my juices and flavor is starting to go away. Think its my sense of smell and taste for some reason. Well guess all thats left is to try.
  7. Hey guys looking to try out PG. How is the flavor in a Pg mix? I hear that Pg has more flavor and more throat hit but not as much vapor as Vg. Im pretty much shooting for more flavor and thought maybe try a 60pg/40vg mix and see how that goes. Also will Pg perform better in my devices beings it will prolly be a thinner juice? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks and vape on my friends!
  8. Strykker118A

    3.7 Volt Device

    All I use anymore seems to be my Ego. Have a few mods but always vaping the ego at home and at work. A couple 1000mah batteries and 510 attys/cartos or the Ego Mega Dual Col Cartos. Must say they are all awesome. Sorry for the bad Ego experience. You dont hear about bad Egos too often. Was it a genuine Joye Ego or a knockoff?
  9. I got a sample size bottle of Kentucky Vanilla Blend from Vermillion River. The liquid seems to be very rich and high quality. I tried it as soon as it came in and didnt like it; However it has been sitting on my desk for about 2 months now untouched steeping and I must say it smells a lot better. Still havnt tried it since it steeped(no attys and dont wanna use a carto for a test). So Id say Vermillion River is a good quality eliquid. I got a free sample just had to pay shipping. Maybe they still do the free samples, Idk. Its a 4.5ml sample size which is good because I would have been mad if I had to buy a 15 or 30ml bottle just to "try" it.
  10. Strykker118A

    Atomizer Vs Cartomizer

    Which do you guys find yourself coming back to? When I first started vaping I used 510 and mega atomizers. Just about a month ago I started using Boge cartos regularly. I am thinking about going back to atomizers because for some reason the flavor isnt there anymore. You guys think flavor is better with cartos or attys?
  11. I will never use the clear ones. Hear they aren't as durable as the black cartos. Im not a fan of tank systems so if you get yourself some cartos you wont be disappointed. I use Boge cartomizers and Ego Mega Dual Coil cartos and they work great. Awesome flavor and vapor production every time. Give them a try my friend!!!
  12. Strykker118A

    Coming Back To Elecronic Cigarettes

    I use Boba in my Boge cartos and it tastes and works great!!!
  13. Hey guys, like the post says Im trying to find something else to try (cartos, attys, magic device) that is just bursting with flavor! Im currently using Boges and ego dual coils. The flavor is great but I just wish there was something I could buy that when vaping it tastes like the rich flavor of the juices in their liquid form. If only, if only.....
  14. Strykker118A

    Walgreens Is Blu

    I heard bad things about blu as well. If it wasnt for me reading them bad reviews and reading the good ones about Joye, I wouldnt have picked up my Joye 510 and soon my Ego. That could have very well turned me away from vaping I think. It cant be all that bad tho right? I dont wanna buy one to find out tho.
  15. Strykker118A

    Can Someone Please Explain Tanks?

    I love my ez tank I picked up from kalamazoo vaporshop. Its the smallest one that fits standard sized cartos and I love it. All I have to do is punch a few holes in each carto and Im good to go!! I dont care too much for the ego tank attys tho. I think there is a difference between a tank and a tank system.

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