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  1. Ive been out of the vaping scene for a little while now due to finances, but my dad has just bought me a Maxi Roughstack from madvapes.com. It is fantastic, I love the option to vape at different voltages just by changing batteries. Anywho, my question is if anyone knows if there is a bottle or tank mod that works with the stack, or anyway I could get one to work with it? Ive been using carts at 6v, its been working alright, the kick is great, but the flavor is not what I expected. One of the best setups Ive tried was my buddys eGo with a bottle mod from nitelitevapor (if I remember correctly), and I would really like to hit something like this off of my stack. Thanks!!! Oh yes, happy holidays to all!!
  2. I would like to possibly make a mod, and i figured that i would need to recover some things from my 510 batterys. I have 2 of them, and they are both dead. i just wanted to know the best way to take them apart. thanks.
  3. I was just wondering if there are any adapters or possibly sets of adapters so i can use a bunch of different attys with my ego? i saw the one on the vapor talk store, but i was hoping for more adapters than that. thanks for any help.
  4. Hmmm, sounds like a plan, Ill have to check out the LR attys. Jolly, wow, gotta say Im pretty amazed by your Tekk mod. Ill definitely be looking into that some more haha. Thanks to all.
  5. Hmmm. Sound interesting. Ill have to order some of those attys. I guess my next question would be is there a personal vaporizer comparable to the quality of the Ego that is 5 volts? From what I have heard, it seems like a higher voltage vape is what Im looking for.
  6. So I just got my new Ego in the mail, and have been using it for about 5 minutes haha. I have had my 510 for about 8 months prior to getting the Ego, both of my batteries and attys lasted alot longer than expected, but when they died, I decided that I wanted to give the Ego a try. Anyway, I have heard about everyone enjoying a high voltage vaporizer. Just to clear up my confusion, what voltage is the Ego? I have also heard that you can use low resistance attys with the Ego? How is that experience?
  7. So, I was just looking around, reading up on vaping and whatnot, I like to be informed. Anyway, I came across the Janty eGo, and was reading about it, Im really interested. The only eCigs Ive used are the Blu, which I did not enjoy at all, and now Im using my 510, which, as it is for everyone, has worked out great for me. Anywho, I guess what I was wondering was what kind of attys does the eGo use? I was considering eventually getting a Janty Stick, so I could try out using penstyle attys, but then I saw the eGo. I was interested. A bit of info from some eGo users would be very appreciated. THANKS!!!
  8. I have had my Joye 510 for like 3ish months now, and Im loving it. I direct drip, and its been going great. I get amazing hits right after I drip, about 3-5, then the flavor starts to decrease. Ive realized that the flavor starts to drop before the vapor production does. At about 7-10 hits there is almost no flavor, just the metallic taste of the atomizer, but there is still ALOT of vapor. Is this normal? THANKS!!!
  9. I was just wondering if anyones tried the juice from PerfectElectronicCigarette.com, and if you have, what did you think about it? Im going to have to order some juice when I get my 510, and I was looking around at alot of places, and they just came up. Thanks!
  10. hahah I read somewhere that they are developing batteries that you can recharge by peeing on them... Idk if that technologie will ever come to vaping =) lets hope not.
  11. Thank you everyone for your support. It helped me out alot. And yes, I do have to get the money back from the Blu to get the 510. These are hard times, ya know? Moneys tight and whatnot. Well, Im really looking forward to getting a 510, I really cant wait. Every time I smoke an analog, I just think how much better the 510 would be =P. But, you all are right, its not the end of the world, and I have not failed since I still really want to vape. Its also good to hear that Blu will refund me. That takes alot off my mind. Thank you all again, so much!
  12. Well I just bought a pack of Reds and smoked one... first THOUGHT of even smoking an analog since getting my Blu (as upsetting as it was)... Surprisingly, it was so unsatisfying. But, instead of going through an entire battery, struggling to be satisfied, I decided to smoke... I feel horrible now, like I let myself down. I wanted to get the 510, but I have to (hopefully) return my blu, claiming absolute dissatisfaction with their product, wait for that transaction to go thru, then purchase and wait for the 510 to be delivered... I cant even mentally calculate how long that might possibly take, nor going without smoking for that time. And that all is if Blu refunds me... Ehhh... Idk, I have nowhere else to go, family and friends hate that I smoke, hell, I hate that I smoke... and most of them dont even really know what vaping is, either that or they dont really think its any better than analogs...
  13. when you buy an e cigarette, they come with instructions, but they arent very specific. looking around online doesnt help much to gain "trustworthy" knowledge either. obviously, as with everything, a bit of maintenance is needed too keep something running in top condition, so i was wondering what should i do to keep an e cig "in its prime"?
  14. I just dont want to go back to regular cigs. nobody really likes them. Ive tried so many times to quit, and even though I have been let down by my blu, I have not even thought of smoking an analog (well, untill now that is). vaping just seems great. I can still "smoke", but I dont feel horrible about myself, I dont smell or have yellow teeth. Ehhh... I just hope that I have not been shown so great only to have it taken away from me.
  15. Well, Ive had my blu cig for two days now. Im not impressed. I like the concept of vaping, the obvious benifits and whatnot of it, plus its a conversation starter =P Anyway, the only plus to my blu is the pack. The fact that I can carry everything I need for the day in the pack, AND it can charge my batterys is great. But thats where it stops pleasing me. I get ABSOLUTELY NO flavor from the carts. Granted, Im not filling my own, but I thought that I would at least get SOME flavor. They all taste the same too me, just a weird flavor. The amount of vapor produced is inconsistent, as well as how long it will stay activated when I drag it. Im also getting no throat kick. I usually dont know that I even inhaled any vapor untill I see it when I exhale. So I digress... Now Im looking into getting another one, because I really, really, really do NOT want to smoke regular cigarettes anymore. I hate smelling like that, all the tar, all the health problems...ehhh...I thought that would all be solved with my blu... I was wrong. So this time, I want to do it right. I would like suggestions as to what new e cig I should get (Im thinking from all my endless research the 501) and WHERE I should get it from. Thanks so much in advance.
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