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    Hello Friends..

    I have learned everything I know from the peeps here If it wadnt for them I wouldnt be where I am today. Finding Vapor talk was the best thing vaping wise I ever did
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    Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    Well my wife and I use the same flavor same configuration so it's relative lol. It's about a 6 month supply but we have a little over 500 on hand now. Peppermint would probably be easy to DIY but every Peppermint other than ECblends tastes like a candy cane where their is more like an Altoid lol. With their ongoing coupon code 10020 getting 250ml for $28 is pretty good I think.
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    Let's back up... What tank and coil are you putting on it? Exact, please Are you saying it has never even powered up? That's unusual. Did you try powering it up without a tank on it? (3 clicks) Im asking because if your ohms are too low (below .4) it wont power up with that tank on it.
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    Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    1000ml of my flavor 20 5packs of Aspire BVCs Just in case.....

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