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Vape display? Let's see I need some ideas


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I'm going to follow this thread.  I've been snoopin around for a better organizer too.  This is the best I could come up with.  An old "charging station" re purposed.  My atties are on another table on a piece of UHMD with holes drilled in it and another charger is on the floor, lol. 



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I took an old cigar humidor (as I don't need it anymore) and lined it with royal blue velvet, and use it to display my mech-mods (sorry, no pics).  Sadly, it just sits on the shelf and nobody really ever sees it (including me), so it was a nice project, but in reality, wasted time/money... because I could have sold the humidor to a cigar smoker and not wasted time and money converting it to a "display case" that is never seen.

The rest of my stuff is sitting on a shelf in my office (five 5' adjustable, wall-mounted shelving from Lowes)... mostly just the juices I'm using daily and mods/tanks I use frequently.  Everything else I have is boxed up in their original packaging and sitting on another shelf, in case I need them, or want to sell them or pay them forward to a new vaper that needs a helping hand.  The shelves are so I could have a place for things  like vape gear and office supplies, printer, fax, as well as my model cars and other gadgets... on the wall in my office, rather than in boxes or all over my desk. :D 

The 4-5 tanks I use in regular rotation are sitting on a block of wood (with 3/8" holes drilled for the 510 connection to sit into).  The block is sanded, stained, routed-edge, and looks decent enough.  The mods I use are just sitting next to it.  Batteries are in plastic boxes so I can grab them in proper rotation.  All of these things are on my desk, in front of my PC monitors for easy access.  I also have a Nitecore i2 charger on my desk, and two i4 chargers on the shelf.

It's not much of a "display" per-se, but it's not like I'm making a big presentation for visitors... it's just basic organization for my own needs.  2-3 three-foot shelves store a LOT of stuff...

All of my juice mixing supplies are stored in the mini-fridge in my office, and glassware is on a smaller shelf above the fridge, so I can mix juices as I need :) 

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Here is one I made for storing tanks and a couple of eGo-style batteries, for a fellow member...   It is made with a 4x6 piece of scrap Poplar, holes drilled, and the round eGo stands are round closet door knobs I picked up in a box-lot some years ago... everything sanded, stained, and sealed with satin polyurethane. 


I've made several more of different sizes... using scrap wood... This 4x4" block holds 16 tanks up to 23mm size, and still has room between them for EVOD size (16-18mm) tanks (and you can also see another re-purposed door knob glued to a small disk which was left over from cutting a hole):


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Not a multiple display but my wife turned me on to a cool little idea.
Candle holders!
They work perfect for vape pens and mechanical mods.
You can find some pretty cool ones at Walmart, Second Hand Stores, Antique Masks, and many more places.

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Acrylic make up organizers work for me (sorry, no pics). The "lipstick" holders are big enough to hold a Magneto mech mod as well as 10 ml juice bottles. The little drawers are perfect for drip tips, RDAs, various small attachments that I used to use for eGo style batteries to make a 510 connection, extra loose coils, etc. The larger areas hold bigger juice bottles and assorted other stuff. A wall nail polish display works to hold up to a 30 ml bottle of juice (mine holds 96 nail polish bottles or so the description says).


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