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  1. Make my own. they are just simple little 0.5 ohm 26g 4.5 wrap coils. I don't even bother measuring resistance anymore. made the same coil over and over. tried dual coils, tried fancy wraps and different gauges and ohms...always come back to the 26g 0.5ohm because the vapor and flavor is just right and it doesn't chug through a bottle of juice a day like a dual coil setup does and then burn the wick in 5 minutes.. lol That said, when I pinch the wraps and position it, I do fire it as hot as it will go and make sure I don't have hot spots or uneven heating. Sometimes 1 wrap will get much hotter than the rest which is a weak spot in the wire. when I see that I toss the whole coil out and wrap another one. I've had the same spool of wire for almost 2 years now and still have tons of wire left... cost me $9 for that spool 2 years ago. made tons of coils and they last quite a while. I replace them when they get too gummed up and dont want to burn off anymore, or when the wire gets hot spots in it. save yourself a fortune in coils building them yourself and replacing on an as needed basis rather than replacing just to replace. o0 wicks on the other hand...I replace those twice a week or more. bought a box of japanese cotton a year ago and i've barely made a dent in it. get tons of wicks out of each square pad. I'm still rockin the KF4 had the KFL before that.
  2. I guess I will be the oddball here. I like my KayFun 4 clone. It can run dual coils easily, but I am running a single coil at 0.44ohms. It's sitting on top of a Smok Magneto mech mod. Running NXJO 35A 18650 batteries these days in it.
  3. I find myself doing both. I like to chill on the couch watching a show and chooch on that thing like an old steam engine. Then the girl gets pissed off that the whole room has a haze of vapor floating around, so I stop for a while till she leaves the room, then I'm right back at it building up my cloud again
  4. tobeco kayfun v4 does it for me like being able to access the build deck whenever I want without having to dump the tank.
  5. Congrats! I'm at 10 months now myself. Seems like smoking was a lifetime ago now lol 12 years of smoking ended for me on april 9th 2014. I tried vaping several times before that but it was hit and miss due to cheap poor quality chinesium equipment. When I finally got a decent device working properly, that is when I put down the analogs and haven't looked back!
  6. I peel off the outter layers. Just because it fits more easily through the 2mm coils without said outter layers in place. With them in place it is too thick/stiff to get through the coil which would cause performance problems. I am finally down to my last piece of my first pad of cotton and I bought that stuff a good month ago or so... rewick every 2 days. Those pads last a good while!
  7. It did alright, but I didn't clean the tank as well as I thought it did and it still had a machine oil taste to it, so I dumped the tank, gave it a nice long alcohol bath rinsed it out, and rebuilt it with 28g just cause I felt like it lol. so now it is down to ~0.43ohms putting me right at the limit of two of my 3 batteries (3rd is a vtc5) no real point in posting another picture as the build looks pretty much identical other than the wire being slightly thicker. But that 28g dual build really chooches out some vapor and flavor! nice thick billowing clouds so smooth and tasty. very flavorful. I have contemplated going back to a single coil 26g build though as the batteries last longer and vapor comes in faster for longer on the battery. getting below 0.5ohms is great for clouds but in a dual setup takes a bit longer to heat the coils vs single coil setups (in my experience anyway) and I like rapid fire builds. all about that instant gratification
  8. nice idea, but I wouldn't want my mod being any larger...I like it being more compact.
  9. more airflow requires hole drilling to increase the size of the air channels. airflow controllers only limit the airflow from what the tank already has. an iclear 30s is not the best tank to be drilling into. You would be better off with a different tank all together.
  10. lol all good mate. Not many shops carry them. Some people use them for the sole purpose of protecting the threads on their mods. (particularly the cheap vamo clones that have really weak 510 threads)
  11. I have a tobeco clone. Works great. and is of good quality. I hear robbottech makes a good clone as well. EHPro also makes a very good clone. I have a kayfun nano+ clone from EHPro and it is a nice quality piece. Stay away from clones that don't list th manufacturer of the clone... completely no-namer clones can be hit and miss. a buddy of mine got a no name KF4 clone recently and is having problems with it.
  12. http://www.madvapes.com/tank-airflow-controller.html nonsense. it's just a part that stacks on your 510 connection... tank sits on top of it and the ring on it will adjust upward against the base of the tank limiting its airflow since that tank gets its airflow from the bottom 510 connection unlike newer designs that get their air from the side of the tank. for $3 it's not much of a gamble... Never used one of those, but I have used the ring on my vamo as an airflow controller before.
  13. I mix strawberry and kiwi flavors (by 'True') together and then add a few drops of that mix in my "miss white" (by 'Alpha') quite a delicious mix. miss white by itself is quite delicious, but you need a sub tank, or an RBA/RTA to really get an appreciation for miss white because it is not a very strong flavor. I couldn't taste it at all out of clearomizers. It wasn't until I got a RTA that I truely experienced the flavor and fell inlove with it. miss white = raspberry, dragonfruit, herbal tea mix.
  14. kayfun V4 clone all the way. great for newbs to advanced. Love the fact that you don't need to drain the tank anymore to access the build deck incase you need to rewick, adjust, or just feel like making a new build... here is what it looks like when you access the build deck with a full tank. (upper section/tank is on the left, build deck is on the right) and the tank sitting on my magneto mech mod: adjustable airflow, adjustable juiceflow, top fill, dual coil ready, handle whatever setup you feel like building. the setup in the first picture is a simple single wick-dual coil build using 32g wire. 5.5 or 6 wraps each... (1.6ohm by themselves, or 0.8ohm as a pair)
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