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  1. I love this hobby too. Can't see myself using a mech, but my mama taught me to "never say never".
  2. Opened the wallet and ordered a Battlestar. In rainbow, just for something different than black or red!
  3. I have a Smok AL85 and so far it's been good. BUT, on another vape group I'm in, the general consensus is that Smok mods tend to crap out rather quickly and with no warning. I don't need that!
  4. Probably going with the Battlestar. I think the size/form factor etc are more what I want, than the King.
  5. I'm going to be getting myself a new mod in the next month and am having a hard time deciding between the Smok OSub King and the Smoant Battlestar. The price points are only $12-14 different so I'm not concerned with that. The King comes as a kit with a matching Big Baby Beast and the Battlestar is mod only. I know I want a 2 battery mod and both of these are dual batts. I have read reviews from anywhere and everywhere and they both seem to be excellent mods. I saw the Smoant Charon, but it's a bit bigger and I'm klutsy enough with smaller mods. That one is out of the picture. Anyone have pros or cons to either or both?
  6. Prayers for Las Vegas. I have friends who live there and received word they are safe.
  7. @Walt, I love seeing what I can come up with! Next up for me is a Peppermint Mocha. Sense a theme here???????
  8. Been working on this for a few weeks now and finally have what I was aiming for! Peppermint Cream Base of choice Peppermint (TFA) 4%; French Vanilla (TFA) 8%; Bavarian Cream (TFA) 7%; Sweetener (TFA) 3%
  9. Yep. On the calculator I use, it looks like your totals.
  10. You might want to stick with a 50VG/50PG mix or try a 40VG/60PG mix, as it sounds to me like the 70VG/30PG and the 65VG/35PG mixes are too thick for the coil/wick. Hubby only does MTL and uses 30VG/70PG juices to avoid the dry wick/burning sensation.
  11. Congratulations Foo! I echo that sentiment Tam!
  12. I think it's the acidity of pineapple that bothers my throat. Hoping you get the 'right' mix!
  13. @WaltThat sounds good, um, except I don't do pineapple (any juice I've tried with it - even a hint of it, makes me cough). I might try Mango or Lemon in it. Note to self: order some Blood Orange!
  14. We have a family of rabbits that took up residence under our garden shed. I'm sure they were quite disappointed there was no garden this year! They loved to nibble at the green beans! A couple of the small ones hollowed themselves a nest in my phlox bed. So now I have a bare spot there. One of the bigger ones sits in the yard next to the garage to greet me when I come home from work. When my headlights shine on "him", he takes off.
  15. @VapinPeacechicHere is my recipe for Caramel Apple Base mix of your choice Green Apple (TFA) 13% - Caramel (TFA) 6% - Butterscotch (TFA) 1% I do find right after mixing the juice is cloudy. I usually let this steep/age/mature about a week before I vape it. Enjoy!
  16. Will look it up when I get home. I'm at work and don't have my recipe box!! Sent using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  17. Got my "odds and ends" from the VT fire sale!!!!! Some replacement glass for the hubby and such, and cotton bacon for me (Cannot run out of BACON)! Gonna try that King of Churn real soon! Ordered Sunday, here today! Thank you Chris!!!!!
  18. Thanks! Sent using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  19. @mattythorntonwould you care to share that Apple pie gelato recipe?????????
  20. Sure you can have it! I found it on a (now forgotten which one) recipe site. I tweaked the flavors to my liking. Base mix of your choice Peach (I use TFA Juicy Peach) 8% -- Mango (TFA) 8% -- Strawberry ripe (TFA) 5.5% -- Sweetener (TFA) 3% Enjoy!
  21. Just mixed up some Lemon Cheesecake, Bumbleberry (raspberry, blackberry and blueberry), Morning Dew (peach, honeydew and lemon), PMS (peach, mango and strawberry), Caramel Apple and a couple for the hubby. Think I like fruity flavors??????
  22. @Walt, yep me too and I'm a penny pincher. DIY saves me lots of moola. Ya know, more for my shinyitis!
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