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  1. Flavor restocking from Wizard Labs since they had 20% off entire order today. My discount ALMOST paid the shipping.
  2. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm off to spend the afternoon/evening with my dear residents at work who have no family/no place to go/unable to go. I'm thankful for each of them and thankful for all of you! For those of you from places other than the USA, I wish you a wonderful day as well.
  3. The manual lists Ni, Ti, SS, and NC. Hmm, wonder what the NC is then. Inquiring minds want to know!!
  4. I just read in the mod manual that NC can be used for temp control as well. I'm guessing this is NiChrome???? I hope so, I like working with NiChrome better than SS.
  5. @Walt finally got around to wrapping some SS316 coils and trying the TC on the Battlestar. 3mm ID, 8 wraps (0.2 ohm) dual coils on the Limitless Plus. I have it set at 220-230 degrees F with some Grape Cream I made. (Any higher temp is too warm for me!). I don't particularly like that the wattage is preset on the mod (100W), but it is smooth and no lag. Flavor is good and I'm a foggin' up the living room!
  6. Hey! Wondered where you've been!
  7. New one Walt. This one has chocolate and coffee with a hint of peppermint. The other one is just a creamy peppermint.
  8. @Walt Peppermint Mocha Latte is a winner........... after a couple of trial and errors of course. There's just a hint of peppermint, which is just the way I like my peppermint mocha!
  9. @Walt the phix is a pod system similar to the Juul. @drainscopes I don't know how high the nicotine level was in the pod he had on there, so my guess is that it was probably a reaction to nicotine since you said you haven't smoked in a while. You'll probably be fine.
  10. I agree with the others who commented. Get the testing done, ask your doctor questions etc. I've not experienced any of these symptoms in nearly 4 years of vaping.
  11. For sure. Been hearing sirens all evening. Praying for the safety of our police/firemen/first responders tonight.
  12. Thank goodness this is my weekend off! Nurses know all too well when the full moon happens. We can tell without looking at the sky or the weather channels/websites or the calendar! ERs are full of toothaches, "my arm hurts" ........ and the dear, sweet little nursing home residents' dementia kicks in with all sorts of behaviors.
  13. Got my Peppermint Mocha Latte going because it's chilly and damp here!
  14. @mattythornton, gotta a keeper in that Apple pie ala mode (gelato)!! Had a friend try it and she wants me to make some for her!!!!
  15. I make a simple Strawberry Waffle for the hubby. He likes it and it smells good. I can imagine that blueberry pancake would be yummy!
  16. Mixed up some Apple Pie Ala Mode (Gelato to you @mattythornton!) Will give it a taste in a day or two. I did add some TFA Apple. We shall see............
  17. Congrats on the cloning! I've got a couple flavors that are "cloned" as well. One of them is spot on, and the other is close enough for me!
  18. Performance in the last couple hours is flawless. Going to try temp control in the next couple of days.
  19. Here it is, with the Limitless Classic on it. Now I'm on the hunt for a rainbow tank (probably will end up with a BBB).
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