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  1. Hi i have the smok nano starter kit 80w recently purchased as moved onto vaping from smoking a hell load of cigarettes i see a lot of people substitute there tanks and change the tank to a diff type rather than the original tank that comes with in this instance the smok nano starter kit tank i used the original tank etc now have moved onto aspire clito 0.4ohms yet i prime the coils as i was advised yet the flavour produced is poor i am vaping evil cloud summer syrup ... is there any other tanks that i can try along side the coil offering within those tanks as the aspire c
  2. Hi to all My Name is Adnan im 21 years young live in the united kingdom i started vaping Last month october 15th 2017 i used to smoke ciggs almost everyday 20benson ... and so on now its time to 100% change my life and look ahead so fairly new to the scene so will be asking a lot of questions of which im hoping to get answers out of Kind regards
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