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    Christopher got a reaction from donna68ca in e-cigarette blow up a woman's purse   
    As someone mentioned on Twitter, good thing she didn't have a Galaxy Note 7 in there as well... 
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    Christopher got a reaction from donna68ca in e-cigarette blow up a woman's purse   
    This is eventually why suppliers will start moving towards built in battery units. It's just not worth the risk when users can't follow simple protocol (a good number of batteries ship with warning information that almost nobody reads)  
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    Christopher got a reaction from Walt in New "new" forum layout   
    I'll pick yah up tomorrow 8
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    Christopher got a reaction from Bebop in New "new" forum layout   
    For the moment, but I'll make some new CSS sheets that'll resolve it. Added to a never ending do to list. :D
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    Christopher got a reaction from Walt in New "new" forum layout   
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    Christopher got a reaction from Bebop in New "new" forum layout   
    Hey Guys, 
    Sorry for the delay on this. Colors are specifically chosen using Vapor Talk's internal brand guide. Besides, I think Purple looks cute on your Walt
    I see what's going on here, it's the mobile version of the website. I should have this fixed roughly within the next 10-15 mins. Thanks for bring it up!
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    Christopher got a reaction from FΛDED in .: FΛDED REVIEWS :. DOTMOD'S PETRI LITE   
    A solid well written review.

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    Christopher reacted to FΛDED in .: FΛDED REVIEWS :. DOTMOD'S PETRI LITE   
    I purchased this stealthy BLACK Petri Lite mechanical mod at www.dotmod.com for $120US. I'm in no way affiliated with the company. This product was purchased by me 100% and not sent to me for review from any vendor. The matte GOLD Petri RDA (pictured) is not included, it was purchased by me separately.   Yes, it's yet another Dotmod product review from me, this time a mechanical mod. Before I begin, I just want to stress that the use of this product is for those seasoned & experienced vapers who are already well educated in battery safety, have good knowledge in ohm's law, and have had experience with these types of products in the past. This review isn't education in any of those fields. If this product interests you or you feel like you would like to know more about the use of mechanical mods, I highly encourage you to watch beginner videos on YouTube, search right here in this forum for help, or maybe even ask a member for guidance. Mechanical mods are nothing to be afraid of and you definitely shouldn't be the slightest bit discouraged. A few of my favorite reasons for using these types of devices is not being "limited" by a chipset and having the easiest, most reliable vaping experience there is, period. This device will work no matter what; no check atomizer warning, no glitches due to system failures/settings, and no error codes. Just push a button and it fires, simple as that. When used maturely and properly, mechanical mods are a wonderful way to vape.   To find out what I think about Dotmod's Petri Lite, let's begin now..           .: PACKAGING :.   One (1) limited-edition 24K gold-plated brass drip tip Two (2) springs: 1 original Petri spring (light throw), 1 super heavy silver-plated beryllium copper spring One (1) mini Allen key for button assembly One (1) certificate of authenticity         .: FEATURES :.   Hard-hitting, innovative naval brass/anodized aluminum composite button design Precision anodized aluminum tube and body 24K gold-plated threading and accents 24K gold-plated copper contacts Hybrid connection Fully masked internals (no cleaning, ever) Precision micro-engravings Beautiful color finishes Individually serialized       (inside of the contact, apologize for the focus)       .: THOUGHTS :.   Using this mod for some time now and knowing the ins-and-outs, it feels just as great in the hands as both my Dotbox's and gives me a satisfying vape every time I hit that 24K Gold button. The soft texture of the tube feels sweet in my hands, it's hard to describe. Hard, agile, sturdy but soft and lovely to touch, Dotmod bearing that "high end" effect once again, on the eyes and to the hands. The overall maintenance is very good. It's very little to maintain compared to my other silver, copper, and brass mechanicals due to the oxidation of those metals and constantly having to clean the contacts for superior conductivity to achieve the best vape experience possible. Having the 24K Gold on the contacts ensures great conductivity, great hits, less time maintaining; more time enjoying your delicious juices and blowing milky clouds.         .: VERDICT - woo-hoo or boo-hoo? :.   Pleased with the consistent solid performance, how the fit and finish has held up till now, it's a definite WOO-HOO from me. I highly recommend this mod to anyone just getting into mechanicals, it's beginner friendly and also great for the seasoned veteran vaper **Again, as long as you're using it safely and you don't push your batteries too hard. Always use atomizers with PROTRUDING 510 pins, definitely NO SUB OHM TANKS with this product**. I have no doubt vapers will be pleased using this device and adding it to their own collection.
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    Christopher reacted to Jeffb in Insurance considerations   
    When I got life insurance I had to have a physical. I knew they were going to test for nicotine so I vaped 0 mg for a couple of weeks prior to the physical.
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    Christopher reacted to Mark in Vapor Talk FIRE SALE - MASSIVE Price Cuts up to 90% off   
    Just placed an order for 600ml anyway.   That should hold me for a month or so.
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    Christopher got a reaction from unoflux in over vaping (sore throat)   
    It is not normal for liquid to come out of your tank. There are a number of reasons that could be causing this but the model you have and the tank would help. As for the dry throat, PG can dry out your mouth, simply keeping fluids nearby to drink and you should be able to adjust to this easily. It's a common complaint. 
    The burning in the lungs however is not normal, make sure you're not letting your coil burn. (This happens when you run out of liquid or run the coil too hot). 
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    Christopher got a reaction from susan7 in Do you snore less now?   
    Man, I'm so petty that last time I was at the doctors I noticed the chart on the wall that helps you figure out if you are overweight. I'd gone from 220 to 211 and I just barely made it to "overweight" from obese. I actually made them update it on their computer so my health portal's weight portion was now "overweight" lol My doctor was like "really..." Obese just sounds so horrible. 
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    Christopher got a reaction from donna68ca in How Cigarettes Are Made?   
    Every wonder how Analogs are made? The History channel shows us.

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    Christopher got a reaction from michellesully72 in Cartel coils   
    We don't currently. But I'll look into it for future stock!

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    Christopher got a reaction from donna68ca in New DIY calculator for Android - Vape Assistant   
    Promotion should probably go both ways, especially on a first post
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    Christopher got a reaction from michellesully72 in Vapor Talk Vape Gear Feedback!   
    The ones with the logo on the left breast. Once I confirm the T Shirts are decent quality, I'll order in the other styles as well just in case some prefer it. Gadget and I have also worked something out and we'll get shirt below printed as well as another potential design he's working on :D 
    We could probably get these made cheaper in China but I prefer to have it done by a U.S. company wherever possible. My goal is to keep the price around or below 14 bucks. 

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    Christopher got a reaction from glamourgirlglock in Clear juices a little more harsh?   
    Two things usually determine how much throat hit an eliquid will have, nicotine and PG ratio. If you have clear e liquids that seem to provide more throat hit than some of your other e liquids, it's likely that they have a higher PG than VG ratio. 
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    Christopher got a reaction from Vapelife1200 in Milky clouds   
    Most people refer to them now as "drop in coil tanks" though the names sort of change each year it seems like. Clearomizers are generally more like the CE4's. (At least that's what comes to my mind when I think of a clearo). 
    TVF8's can produce some pretty hefty clouds and is a sub ohm unit, but rather than build your own coil, you "drop" a coil in and go. it's a convenience thing. (Like me, I use drop in coils because while making your own coils is the way to go, I just love the convenience of drop in coils) 
    Another benifit to building your own coils is that it's cheaper however, please, for the love of vaping, look into battery safety. We've shied away from rebuildables not because they aren't awesome but we've had some....situations in which  users were getting ahead of themselves. (Ridiculously low ohms, mixed with the wrong battery type, on a mechanical mod = a bad situation) 
    We have a good rebuildable community here on the forum (see the rebuildable categories). Everyone is super helpful, it's always better to pester and ask than to be sorry  
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    Christopher got a reaction from @hope_photography123 in Baby beast burning coils???   
    What type of eliquid are you using? Some of the newer devices require and are designed for high VG which is thicker than PG based eliquids. The fact that it's burning up so fast and leaking tells me you might be using a high PG eliquid (which is thinner and not generally meant for higher temps). 
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    Christopher reacted to Earthling789 in Save 50% this week Plus Free Shipping on the Templar Sub oHm All in One   
    All VT merchandise gave free shipping (yeah, I tested different combos, lol), but I had enough in the cart to break the $50 mark anyway, so even adding in some Nautilus BVC coils didn't make a difference... free shipping anyway  
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    Christopher got a reaction from cgage99 in Almost at 0mg   
    When I first started vaping I used to vape 24mg. (This was before PV's became more efficient). Today the wifey mixed me up some 1.5mg and the next step will be 0mg. Figured I'd pat myself on the back. I mean it's been 8 years but better late than never right?
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    Christopher got a reaction from Tam in Do you snore less now?   
    Yea I figured that was the case. I had to read it twice and thought, nah, Tam doesn't seem that high on the forum lol 
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    Christopher got a reaction from Tam in Do you snore less now?   
    Let Jeff and I know when you're here and we'll give hook yah up with the In and Out experience. :D
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    Christopher got a reaction from Tam in Do you snore less now?   
    oh man you're killing me tam. I just looked up Bingo Burger, looks delicious. 
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    Christopher reacted to Tam in Almost at 0mg   
    Congrats on the lower nic level, Chris. Go you!   
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