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  1. I just replaced it this morning. The old coil was probably still good but I changed it when I was coughing so hard. I think I have some allergies kicking up. But I'm gonna try the settings you told me. Hey I just tried 30 Watts and its working. I went to 45 before that and it was better than what I had. But 30 is rocking. Thanks a lot
  2. What do you call low? I have it on 45 Watts. I honestly don't know where to set it. The lower I set it the more it makes me cough. I turned it up and its a little better but not much
  3. Does anyone else get a cough after using Mod Fuel liquid? I bought a bottle of Titan yesterday. Its 12mg. I'm used to 18mg. Tobacco flavor. I love the taste but I can't take a drag without coughing out a lung. Any ideas?
  4. That was the impression that I got, I just wasn't sure. I was hoping I could get at least a little more exhale vapor. I don't want too much because I use it at work and if they saw what I've seen from some people, they would tell me to go outside just to use it
  5. OK I definitely will. Thanks walt
  6. Lol. That's funny. Yeah I don't want to have too much smoke, but I don't have hardly any. I am gonna check into another type of fluid and see if that does the trick. I run my MOD at 55 watts
  7. I have a v8 baby beast smok tank. I think it's just my eliquid. I am gonna try some other juice and see. Thank you for the advice I will look for 70/30. Mine doesn't show what it is
  8. I don't get much vapor on exhale with my eliquid .what do i need to look for to get the plumes?
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