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Some time ago Rixter did a review on Vaping.Watch's "Clockwerks Custard" juice. I decided to give it a try because he made it sound so good (Rixter has a way of doing that). Ordered a 30 ml bottle at 6 mg nic. It comes in a square glass bottle with a separate dripper cap. I ordered a second dripper cap just in case.

When the priority box came, it was in a plastic bag that USPS put it in because the box was smashed flat and the cardboard was all wet and dripping.

I took pictures immediately before opening it and found the glass bottle smashed to smithereens. Went to their website and contacted them with the pictures. Watch, the owner, got back to me apologizing all over the place. All I wanted was an apology and a replacement for the juice. He asked about the dripper caps and I told him that one was fine, I'd need a replacement for the other.

He sent me two 30 ml bottles "for my inconvenience" and a new dripper cap priority mail wrapped like a mummy in bubble wrap.  :D

Fast forward to this week. I reordered some more Clockwerks Custard (because it really is that good and a great mixer with other juices). I also ordered a couple more dripper caps because I found that the one I thought was okay... wasn't.

Got the order in the other day.

They changed to round bottles and the dripper cap was for the smaller round bottles and wouldn't fit the second square bottle that Watch had sent before.  :(

I contacted them again. This time, Wrecker75 answered (gotta love their names!). All I asked was how could I order the dripper caps to fit the square bottles?

He sent me two for free.

The customer service I've gotten from this company and the people who work there has been outstanding! I couldn't ask for better. The juice is amazing... I must try some more of their flavors.

Thanks to Rixter for bringing this small company to my attention. I will be ordering more from them. They've more than won my loyalty.  :)

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I gotta try this I love custard

Seriously, if you like custard, you'll love this one. It's not too sweet like many custards are. To me, it has a crisp, clean taste to it while still giving off a nice, creamy flavor. I'm hooked and the customer service is amazing!  :)

Thank you for the post!  We're thrilled you like Clockwerks.....that was a labor of love that took us more than 5 months to perfect and we're especially proud of it.  To hear such high praise make us all exceptionally happy.  Thank you!!

Hey, Watch? Sorry to do this to you but as a vendor, I'm going to have to change your classification and then you won't be able to post outside of your own sub-forum. Glad to have you join the VT family and I look forward to seeing what Sara puts into your area once it gets set up. Welcome!  :)

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I'll put in a plug too. I vamped 30mls of custard followed by 30 Mls of Monkey Spunk (custard with banana) and let's just say, I couldn't put it down till it was all gone.  :)

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