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Which works better?


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I have been thinking about the numbers when I rebuild coils.  I am hoping that someone can clear this up for me:


If I build 2 coils, and run them in the same tank, on the same mod, but with different ohm values, which is better?  By better, I am asking vapor producion, flavor, and economy.


1.5 ohm coil, 30 watts is 6.7 volts and 4.7 amps.

  .5 ohm coil, 30 watts is 3.9 volts and 7.7 amps.


Both are totally different coils, but at the same wattage.  Which is better?


If the wire is the same, say 26 gauge and diameter is 2.5 mm:


1.5 would take 12 wraps

  .5 would take 4 wraps


I know this isn't really practical, but wouldn't they vape totally different at the same wattage?



I am sure the lack of sleep and total brain drain I have had for the last few weeks is making this too confusing, and somthing I shouldn't even worry about.  A good example of this is the SubTank Mini.  If you run the .5 coil at 30 watts and the 1.2 coil at 30 watts does it really make much of a difference?

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Very different, at the same wattage... because the lower resistance coil will heat faster and be "hotter".  It will also cool down faster, which makes it more desirable for chain-vaping or a quick-hit.  The higher resistance coil will take longer to heat, run "cooler", take longer to cool down... which will add heat to your juices, turning them darker in a tank, but should have far less effect to juice in an RDA.  But, it may make the RDA body warm (even with cooling fins)

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I guess I need to build a bunch of different coils this weekend and see what comes out of it.


On the SubTank Mini, it lends itself well to use smaller wire as the coil is suspended between the posts.


The Lemo needs larger wire as it holds the coil up away from the deck.  I like building with the larger wire, because it is just easier to me, but it is causing me to go much lower ohm than I really like.

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