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Another contest coming up


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Thanks for the congrats! I'm from Georgia and have been off analogs and into vaping for 4 months. Loving it! Have worked my way through several tanks and mods already. Using a Nautilus on a iStick and have an order out for a Kanger Subtank Plus. Excited to start sub-ohming soon! I just recently started up with ECF and discovered you guys about an hour before playing to contest :) What other juices do you suggest from Fadora?

I usually like tobacco. coffee, desert flavors.

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Besides Snickerdoodle, these are my top Desert sellers:

PBFB (Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie)

Birthday Cake

Banana Nut Bread


Other top sellers:

Hydra's Delight


Spiced Apple

Mellow Spice


I have my own tobacco blend called Fadora Blend that can be added to any flavor or vaped on it's own. I just added a coffee flavor that you customize with cream and/or sugar. I will have a Coffee Mocha soon. I'll be working on getting it perfecting it this week.


You can see some reviews on the flavors in

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