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Flatline Liquids AKA: Medic's Juice


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Well, seeing as nobody has done this yet, I figure I would start the official review thread for Flatline Liquids aka Medic juices. I’m pretty new to vaping so I’ll do my best to write a review that makes sense!

I placed my order directly with Medic before the website www.flatlinejuices.com was up and running and I have to say the shipment was prompt and the communication was awesome.

I ordered the following 5 juices 10ml each with 60pg/40vg plus 12mg nic. All of the juices have had phenomenal vapor production!

  1. Winter Sweet Spot
    • This juice was awesome right out of the package; a nice mint with a sweet/cool follow through it reminded me of an Andy’s mint minus the chocolate. Very tasty, I can see this being a long term vap.
  2. Strawberry Punch Deluxe
    • This one had more of a mellow punch flavor with an overtone of Strawberry. I felt the flavor was a little weak, but I think that will improve with some steeping. All in all a good vap if you don’t like a strong fruit flavor but rather a hint.
  3. Pina Colada
    • Good flavor on this one, you can taste the distinct flavors of the coconut and pineapple but it seems to be missing the hint of rum… but then this is the first Peña Colada I have tried vaping. Don’t get me wrong I really liked this one and it was a very good vap! Should be interesting to see how it evolved with some steeping.
  4. Apple Pie
    • Oh my! Great right out of the gate nice smooth apple flavor on the hit followed by that hint of crust on the exhale… this one’s a keeper! I can’t wait to see what develops after a little steeping!
  5. Orange Creamsicle
    • Regretfully I do not have a review for this one as of yet. I hope to have a tank clean and ready to be loaded tonight… by the smell coming out of the bottle, I can’t wait!

Well there is my review. These juices absolutely are some of the best I have had; they make the local stuff where I am at pales in comparison. I can’t wait to place my next order and try some new stuff!

I will post an additional review after they have steeped for a little while...

Thanks Medic!! :unworthy:

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anyone know what Black rider taste like?. I still plan to get some more of Medics punch deluxe as that was so awesome. I accidentally mixed a sweet tart with the last of his punch and that was good too, just no way to mess up his juices.

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Wondering when I get to try flatheads juice..ooh I meant flatlines

It is a lengthy detailed process that you have to go through...

Step #1 - place order! :thumbup:

The rest of the lengthy process will become apparent after that, but it is too much detail for me to get into here... :jump:

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