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    mattythornton got a reaction from creamykitty90 in Productive day   
    Pretty pleased with today’s chapter of my vape chronicles.
    Woke to one of my 3 incoming Vapemails, mixed up a few brews, re-wicked all my rdas and done a much overdue cleanse of the cloud cupboard. $11 worth of stackable storage to sort out my juices into heavy rotation, weekly swap outs and desperate measures and clean up all my concentrates.
    Keep it cloudy all you cool cats ️

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    mattythornton got a reaction from Walt in Grampa Walt's Apple Pie   
    My last mix of it had a splash of custard too for body - helped round it out nicely imo
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    mattythornton reacted to Foofightervapegirl1 in Gimme fruits!!!   
    Pretty simple and good for summer:
    3 mils Srawberry ripe TFA
    1 mil dragonfruit TFA
    1mil raspberry loranne
    1 mil cranberry capella 
    1 mil sweetener
    I like it at 70/30. It could be good 60/40. My husband is a picky vaper and loves it, also good if you swap the percentages on strawberry ripe and cranberry. It is something you can tinker alot or a little with. That is for a 30 mil bottle.
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    mattythornton got a reaction from Walt in After opinions -   
    First of all- check out my new toy... oooh so purdy.
    So- few builds on it since I got it earlier in the week. Fused claptons, meh, round wire, parallel, meh. Got a set of my fav aliens coming early next week (
    .13 ohm pair Ni80 - sooo good!).
    Anyways, in the meantime I found a set of Geekvape Staggered Stapled Fused Claptons- they smash it out once they ramp up but the year it takes to get there is also meh (Single 18650- got. Couple of 20700s coming with the Aliens too...)
    So- Was thinking of poppin coils out, lose half a leg each side, space them out a bit and parallel some round n80 in between to help with ramp up. But best I got on hand is 26g n80.
    Worth it? Reckon it will help ramp up time? Plus being 26g maybe I should even consider twisting a pair or is it like adding more metal kinda defeating the purpose? Last pair of them I got too so don’t want to go clipping a leg etc if it won’t help.
    What do ya reckon?
    Cheers ️

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    mattythornton reacted to Walt in Productive day   
    Holy Crap!  You're a machine today.  
    Let's see, I've been up for about an hour and a half and I've stared at the PC monitor a lot.  I did build one TC coil and tested a Cylon.  I found out it runs about 40°F hot.  Also discovered another battery bit the dust.  100% Sag right off the charger.  Probably time to replace that one, lol.  
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    mattythornton reacted to cany in Productive day   
    Looking good
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    mattythornton reacted to Walt in Thank you all! I made it One Year!   
    I thought about listing names but God forbid I should miss one.  And it was not only those who gave me advice directly, but those also who wrote to this forum that offered so much support.  I don't want to make it sound like a struggle because it wasn't.  It was pure joy.  But there were soooooo many questions over the past year: coil resistance and wattage, how do I stop this thing from spitting at me?, Pg and Vg in the freezer?, magnetic mixer?, backpack, bag, case?,  on and on and on.  Oh and of course spending my money for me, but wisely!  I never even dreamed this could happen.  One full year without smoke.  I can even shovel the driveway without coughing till I can't stand up.  This year has been a drink from a fire hose.  From an EGO AIO to a hybrid mech mod with a .23Ω parallel clapton build and DYI Smuf Cake.  TC Squonk with a DNA drone.  I had no idea what these things even were a year ago.  
    But more than all that, the friends I've made here!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  
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    mattythornton got a reaction from Walt in Grampa Walt's Apple Pie   
    Lol no cause for alarm- I’m the dirtdog. Just didn’t want to give you all the credit. I give all my juices kinda inappropriate names like smurf ****, blue balls etc. was thinking of starting a line called Juice Knuckle and names all flavours something ****** up.

    Don’t worry u can still be a dirt Dog too if you want lol. Dirt Dog for liiiiife!!
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    mattythornton reacted to Walt in Grampa Walt's Apple Pie   
    Hmmmmm   Dirt Dog Walt Apple Pie......  Oh my.   That's a new one!
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    mattythornton reacted to Walt in Grampa Walt's Apple Pie   
    Here's the last iteration I have of it:
    Apple Pie (TPA)  9.5%
    Vanilla Bean Ice Cream  (TPA)  2%
    Whipped Cream  (TPA)  2%
    Apple  (TPA)  2%
    Sweetener  (TPA)  .5%  
    @mattythornton   may have even tweaked it more.  You know, things evolve.  
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    mattythornton reacted to leadpipe58 in First Squonk / MECH (dun-dun-daaaah)   
    Walt is right on. I can just tell you what I do. I stick with Clapton's or fused Clapton's. I build to .28 to .35. I use a ohm meter to build on like the coil master 521 and if not sure I will check the build on a regulated mod to be sure. I will be hunting for a dead rabbit on Black Friday.
    What I do works for me on a series mod. Duel coil. As long as you hit the right ohms you will be ok. More ohms is better till you learn. Have fun
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    mattythornton reacted to Walt in First Squonk / MECH (dun-dun-daaaah)   
    Wow, nothing like jumpin right in there head first!  .25Ω is probably pretty close to what you will need.   I don't know what all you've done in regard to building and mechs so I don't know where to start.  I don't want to jot down a lot of rhetoric you already know.  .25Ω on a dual coils makes each coil .5Ω.  A single battery delivering the full 4.2V will deliver 8.2 amps to each coil or in other words, each coil will dissipate a little over 34 watts.  That's not too bad of a match up as long as you don't go too insane with the coil i.e. too exotic and bulky.  There are those who would say you are on the line pulling over 16A from that battery, but I personally don't see a problem with it.  Just use common sense and keep track of how warm the battery gets.  You don't need to be afraid of the things, just check and double check your resistance with the atty fully assembled.  Keep the mod clean.  If the mod starts heating up anywhere, inspect that area of the mod for dirt, carbon build up etc.  That heat will be pointing out a high resistance joint.  My favorite flavor builds remain to be a two core parallel Clapton.  I was surprised to see a recent youtube video that confirms that build per "wind tunnel" tests.  The air really hugs that configuration of coil if it is hitting the coil from the side.  Contrary to popular practice, the video indicates a direct hit on the coil rather than underneath.  Obviously nothing beats just trying different things on a particular atty.  Hope this gives you confidence.  I really sense you have the situation in hand.  
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    mattythornton reacted to Walt in Grampa Walt's Apple Pie   
    That's hilarious.  I love it!  The smurf cakes are fantastic!!!!  Workin on my first 120ml batch right now.  I screwed up the other day and left my vapin "day bag" at home.  Bought a little commercial juice to get through the day.  Yuck!  How did I ever vape before dyi?  I've come to realize with friends like you I'm spoiled.  We're pumpin out some premium vapes dude! 
    We be da elite!  Ya  Dat wat we be!  You don't be vapin till ya vape like me!  Grampa Walt's vape rap.  Move over Rip Tripper!  
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    mattythornton got a reaction from VapeMama in Grampa Walt's Apple Pie   
    Looks like the boys at worked liked the tweaks Walt my man. I did end up adding 1.5% Vanilla Custard and inadvertently bought Vanilla Bean Gelato instead of ice cream so slight sub there. But that bottle was full at the start of the night. That's 2 * 30mls sold and 2 "can I pinch a tank" and now I need to make more again. Think I need to whip up bigger batches.
    And a little shout out to you for the help with the recipe. How did u go with Smurf Cakes?
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    mattythornton reacted to Walt in Let's talk coils...   
    I've tried a few more exotic coils and like yourself been underwhelmed.  Could be just me.  I don't look for a huge amount of fog.  I concentrate more on flavor.  The other thing that becomes cumbersome for me is the sheer girth of some of the builds in conjunction with the small resistances they yield.   For awhile now I stock 30, 28, 26, 24, and 36 gauge simple wire in Stainless and Kanthal.  I either use simple wire or 2 wire parallel wraped in 36 and get results that I am very pleased with.  All depends on how much space I have and how much resistance I want.  I also vape everything from tight MTL to wide open two coil buckets.  I build for everything from mech mods to a four battery car jumper.  With just these few wires I can cover everything nicely.  
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    mattythornton reacted to Foofightervapegirl1 in What have you mixed today?   
    Strawberry kiwi cottoncandy.yum.
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    mattythornton got a reaction from Walt in Pharaoh mini Another Very nice single   
    Yeah as I said I've only just mixed it- had a splash on it but needs more of a steep. But isn't quite VapeWilds version of it YET....

    Sorry to hijack your post too lol.

    If you have instagram there's a dude on there called Fumonoid and all he posts are these diy clone recipes. Worth checking out.
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    mattythornton reacted to leadpipe58 in What have you mixed today?   
    I ordered golden sponge cake (ooo) and gave it a try.
    3% sponge cake 3% Bavarian cream (FW) 2% toasted marshmallow (TFA)2% French vanilla deluxe (TFA)
    Not bad as a shake& vape. I hope the cake come out front more with a weeks steep. I might add another.5% of it does not.
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    mattythornton reacted to Walt in Pharaoh mini Another Very nice single   
    @mattythornton  Not bad at all right out of the shout.  A tad bit of weirdness going on with the "Bavarian" part of the cream but obviously steeping will change that.  
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    mattythornton reacted to Walt in Pharaoh mini Another Very nice single   
    Have not.  Looks good and simple.  I actually have all the ingredients on hand!!!  Might mix up 15ml yet tonight.  Got all my stuff sitting out.  Thanks!  You're alright.  Keep em commin!!!!  
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    mattythornton reacted to Walt in Pharaoh mini Another Very nice single   
    I have come to believe the cinnamon is a flavor that hits different people very differently.  A friend gave me a huge bottle of juice that is a peach cobbler.  He simply said try it and throw it out if you don't like it.  All he could taste was cinnamon.  The stuff tastes great to me.  I get plenty of peach.  Another beatitude of DYI.  
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    mattythornton got a reaction from Walt in Pharaoh mini Another Very nice single   
    Nice one! Finally mixed up another batch so tried it with your additions of apple and sweetener. Nice but had to pump the cream back up as it was a touch over cinnamon (added a splash of custard too seems to round it out nicely)

    Yeah the govad is a beast but you kinda have to run huge coils in it and when you still have to run it at like 75w almost defeats the purpose of a single coil but flavour is amazing on it!
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    mattythornton reacted to Walt in Pharaoh mini Another Very nice single   
    Glad you like it and glad you dropped by!  I don't think this one is quite a "Govad"; close though.  Still diggin the apple pie!  My favorite desert!!!!
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    mattythornton reacted to Walt in Pharaoh mini Another Very nice single   
    It's an RTA.  I'm not going to try to babble endlessly about it.  24mm, Clamp style, three bottom feed airflow holes.  Clamps span both sides of center mounted screw downs so no worries about direction of wind on the coil.  Up to 3/3.5mm coils are fine.  5 or 6 wraps spaced span the air holes nicely.  Thin the wicks a little.  Not a real finicky deck.  First build 2x26+32 fused parallel SS Clapton on a 3mm post gave me .23Ω.  No leaking, no dry or even semi dry hits.  Popped it on a scoundrel mech and it performs very nicely.  Very good flavor, lots of fog.  There are a lot of really nice single coil RTA's out right now and this one ranks with the best.  

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    mattythornton got a reaction from VapeMama in What have you mixed today?   
    Nice. I've wanted to add a touch of apple to it but keep forgetting to order it. Let me know how you go I've been playing with a blueberry pancakes recipe of late but haven't got it share happy just yet... will let you know
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