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First of all- check out my new toy... oooh so purdy.

So- few builds on it since I got it earlier in the week. Fused claptons, meh, round wire, parallel, meh. Got a set of my fav aliens coming early next week (

.13 ohm pair Ni80 - sooo good!).

Anyways, in the meantime I found a set of Geekvape Staggered Stapled Fused Claptons- they smash it out once they ramp up but the year it takes to get there is also meh (Single 18650- got. Couple of 20700s coming with the Aliens too...)


So- Was thinking of poppin coils out, lose half a leg each side, space them out a bit and parallel some round n80 in between to help with ramp up. But best I got on hand is 26g n80.

Worth it? Reckon it will help ramp up time? Plus being 26g maybe I should even consider twisting a pair or is it like adding more metal kinda defeating the purpose? Last pair of them I got too so don’t want to go clipping a leg etc if it won’t help.


What do ya reckon?


Cheers [emoji41][emoji100][emoji111]️








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she's purdy fer sure.


I would be inclined to wait for more power,  captain.  Although with TC on that coil you need a mod that has a quicker ramp up.  Not sure if your fix will help or not. maybe. 

but sure is purty build gotta say that. 

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