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Productive day

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Pretty pleased with today’s chapter of my vape chronicles.


Woke to one of my 3 incoming Vapemails, mixed up a few brews, re-wicked all my rdas and done a much overdue cleanse of the cloud cupboard. $11 worth of stackable storage to sort out my juices into heavy rotation, weekly swap outs and desperate measures and clean up all my concentrates.


Keep it cloudy all you cool cats [emoji41][emoji100][emoji111]️



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Holy Crap!  You're a machine today.  

Let's see, I've been up for about an hour and a half and I've stared at the PC monitor a lot.  I did build one TC coil and tested a Cylon.  I found out it runs about 40°F hot.  Also discovered another battery bit the dust.  100% Sag right off the charger.  Probably time to replace that one, lol.  

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