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  1. Thank y'all, I've been getting coils from The Vape Dude and they have great prices. Nice drip tips for Supertanks, too. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920AZ using Tapatalk
  2. I purchased a Tobeco Mini Super Tank, and read that the coils were compatible with many other tanks. Does anyone know if the Vaperesso C cell coils will work with Supertanks? I'm having a hard time finding Tobeco coils. Any help is much appreciated!
  3. I use similar coils, but prefer the 0.25ohm coils. They last a long time and produce great flavor, and clouds.
  4. Yes, the original Uwell Crown takes different coils than the Crown 2. I own two Crown tanks, and won't buy a Crown 2, for this reason, even though they're great tanks. Hopefully the Vape Shop will let you exchange them.
  5. I finally ordered some Uncle Willie's vanilla custard, which was hard to get, they're always out. I'm letting it steep, so can't comment on the taste yet.
  6. I just got a bottle of Big Willies Custard in the mail; it's hard to get! I'm letting it steep before I vape it.
  7. You're right, and I'm loving the new vape tech, too. There's been much talk of the government legislation that could eventually make the sales of electronic mods illegal. It's really bad in California, but even my home state of Texas is looking at a bill that would prohibit online sales to people. I'm definitely going to buy another mech mod soon, just in case, and stock up on coils.
  8. This is the first time I've even considered buying another mod, but this is impressive.
  9. I ordered MBV Sweet Cream a couple of years ago, and didn't like it. I've been disappointed with most of their flavors, and only some of their bestselling flavors have hit for me. I do like their Moo Juice and Blu Moo, and Butterscotch Candy is good. Several people said their Banana Cream Pie was good, but it was the worst juice I've ever tried. Even after a long steep it tasted like vomit...not kidding!
  10. Wow, $2.50 for a 15ml bottle is hard to beat. Did you try any other flavors from this company?
  11. I love lots of Nicoticket juices, and their new The Cure is off the chain. I've already gone through 120ml, and have more on the way. They have a one time per customer BOGO sale, and they give you 50% off your entire order. I'm waiting for their anniversary sale on June 11, as that's a one day only sale, where again everything is half price. I didn't think my BOGO through carefully enough, and wish I'd bought more. Their Absolute Creme Brulee is another of my favorites. I also like Peanut Butter Cookie mixed with Frenilla, which is their version of french vanilla. Nicoticket is well known for their in house vanilla flavors.
  12. Teens around here used to take "Coricidin" over the counter medicine, mix it with alcohol to trip. I bet there's some sick teens behind this, because it's a nauseating feeling to overamp on nicotine.
  13. They are drinking ejuice? I can't even stand to SubOhm nicotine higher than 12mg, and I smoked for 25 years. Kids can't order ejuice online without their parent's debit card; all they can do is keep minors out of B&Ms, like liquor stores. Crazy kids, that's not even a good buzz.
  14. Good choice; I love mine. It holds plenty of eliquid, and the 22' diameter fits on most Mods. I really don't use the RDA, and would have gone with the Nano, but didn't like the 18' size. I've been vaping several years now, and this is the best tank I've ever had...the occ coils last a long time, too.
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