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  1. Size matters, baby! Aw, man. Sorry, but I couldn't pass that up.
  2. http://www.cigtechs.com/510-Nano-Clearomizer_p_252.html Looks like they're on sale here for $2.25. According to this site it's 2.4 - 2.9 ohm.
  3. If you give me instructions on how to get that, I'll see what I can do. A Fluke meter should also be able to tell the resistance, right? I have one of those but not anything specific for e-cig stuff. I think it's either 1.8 or 2.0 but I'm not sure.
  4. Yep. I've already run the gamut on the personal computers, laptops, netbooks, ereaders, smartphones.... so I started in on e-cigarettes and accessories! The copy and paste functions for the Boge cartos aren't working??? Did you run the anti-malware to see if that't the problem? Hey, if you do get it to work you have got to let the rest of us know!
  5. I'm not familiar with carto punching. Is that anything like punching cattle? So far, so good. I'm still liking these. I'm not getting huge clouds of vapor but I think that might be because I'm running 70 PG/30 VG juices through them. Oops. Never mind. It was because of the way I had the battery set up, it wasn't the nano. >_<
  6. You'll have to let us all know if you do or not. It will give us more ammunition to tease Brian and Jeff.
  7. Hee. You're cute. So far I'm really liking these things a LOT! I hope they continue to work well...
  8. I didn't have any trouble filling them at all. And no leaking so far, but I've only had them for 24 hours or so.
  9. You really do, Kit! I just went and ordered some more of these little things. They're grrrrreeeeaaaat! Now, I just need to find some thread covers and I'll be set for a while. Famous last words. *rolls eyes at self*
  10. I thought you already used T2s, Kit. If you don't want 2.5 ml of juice I'm really liking the bottom feeder Vision 510 Nano. It only holds 1 ml of juice so it's really easy to change liquids.
  11. And you must have back ups of your back ups of your many toys!
  12. Welcome, Striker. You'll find lots of really nice people here.
  13. You have the atomizer screwed into your battery and a drip tip on top of the atomizer. The drip shield keeps things from getting messy and goes over the atomizer. You drip a couple of drops of liquid straight into the drip tip and enjoy. It's not that much work and the flavor you get is amazing! I can switch off complementary flavors with nearly every time I need a few more drops of liquid. It's simply wonderful and a great way to be able to switch flavors quickly.
  14. I got a couple and tried them. The small 1 ml size is really convenient for me and it's working well, the best bottom feeder I've tried yet. There's a review I wrote in the e-cig review part of this forum. If my opinion is worth anything... I just ordered a bunch more.
  15. *falls over laughing* I was only kidding when I asked for a video, Rixter, but it really does sound like a rattler! I can just imagine how freaked someone would be if they weren't aware and they heard that the first time. Thankfully, where I live, we don't get too many prairie rattlers. A few miles south however.... But then again we've had a bumper crop of bull snakes and a red racer this past summer.
  16. Okay, so where is the youtube vid of this new species?
  17. That's an interesting concept. I wonder how well it works. Hey, Jeff! Don't you think that would look fab on your new mod?
  18. It sounds like you don't want to stick with just one flavor, that's why you're changing out your atomizer/coil every so often so as not to mix the flavors. Right? I love the Vision Vivi Nova Mini, the one that McQuinn recommended... for when I'm driving and can't direct drip. Just recently I discovered the Vision 510 Nano clearomizer. That might work for you? It holds 1 ml of e-liquid, just take the mouth piece off, fill, wait to let wick soak up liquid and vape. Easy. The best part is that they're only $2.95 a piece. http://www.litecigusa.net/Vision_510_Nano_Clearomizer_p/510-nano-clearomizer.htm
  19. Since the container is so small (1 ml), I've already gone through all the e-juice I had in it. Now, I've mixed some vanilla cupcake and pineapple and it tastes just like pineapple upside down cake.
  20. Can't tell for certain but they appear to be sealed. That would explain why this thing doesn't leak... For $2.99 it's a steal and really doesn't need a replaceable atty. C'mon, Jeff. You know you want to try eeeeeet!
  21. So pretty! Since someone on your previous thread mentioned it might be coming out in different colors I think I'll wait for the purple. By then you should have had yours long enough for a good review...
  22. So I bought two of the Vision 510 nano clearomizer from LitecigsUSA. http://www.litecigus...clearomizer.htm It's a cute little thing. I think it would look better if I could find the right thread cover for my eGo 650 mAh pass through battery. Anyone have a rec for that? Anyway, I filled it up and let it sit so the wick could soak up the e-liquid. I've tried other bottom feeders before and have been less than happy with them. The first bottom feeder I tried was a Stardust-style. It worked okay but was a PITA to fill and the flavor was very muted. The most recent is the Tabac BCC clear cartomizer (a Kangor T3 clone). It sounds almost gurgly when I draw from it and the flavor is just... weird. That's what I get for getting a clone. I'll be getting a real T3 to try soon. Anyway... the first dozen draws from this Nano was very harsh, it reminded me of getting a dry hit when direct dripping. Just about the time I was getting ready to pitch this thing -- something happened and suddenly I wasn't getting the dry hit flavor and the gurgling sound. Now I'm getting nothing but flavor and a smooth draw, no burned taste at all. It's currently filled with Sweet-Vapes' Dulce de Leche, 12 mg, 70 PG/30 VG and it tastes almost like I'm direct dripping! It has a semi-firm draw but it's not what I'd call hard. Just a bit firmer than a Vision Stardust (long wick). The thing I like best about the nano is the small size. When I'm not direct dripping I tend to change from one flavor in a clearomizer to another so I have a bunch of them lined up to change off to. I like that I can have smaller sizes so I can fill more often. Could be my imagination but I prefer the "fresh" e-liquids better. I'll probably be buying more of these.
  23. Glad I could help, roro. I like it when it's a quick and simple fix.
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