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COVID-19 How's everything going in your area?

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Here in NE Ohio things are steadily opening back up. Retail, restaurants, beauty/barber shops and SOME entertainment venues are open (indoor trampoline parks, bowling alleys, etc.). Movie theaters aren't open yet. Most primary care physicians here are doing telephone visits or video visits.  About 1/2 of the people wear masks in public. I do only because I work in long term care and I don't want to carry anything I may pick up from the general public to the residents. Assisted living facilities/areas are permitted to have visitors but only outdoors. ALL long term care staff have to be tested (and every one is negative) before the facility can re open to visitors coming into the building. (Our testing date this June 26.) We are all screened with temps taken and a health questionnaire prior to clocking in each day. Our facility has had ZERO cases, staff and residents. We are fortunate as several facilities in our general area have had several to many cases among their staff and residents. Life is good!

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Well, it's been about a year since this thread started - as well as the pandemic picking up steam. How's everyone doing?

We're doing well so far. My SO's father caught it in the care center where he lives but thank goodness he was asymptomatic. Since then he's been testing negative and has gotten his two shots. We're still waiting for ours. Apparently, when the Governor put "educators" on this list as priority for shots, those of us in higher ed don't fit into that category. We were relegated to getting it when the general public got theirs despite him wanting us open for business. We finally got notice last week that we're now on the list for late March.

Other than jacking up my SUV running over a big piece of metal left on the highway courtesy of a construction truck tonight, things aren't totally awful. That assessment may change when the guys at the shop get a look at the undercarriage and the twisted piece of metal under there. Also blew out one of my front tires - and I just bought brand new ones about a month ago. *sigh* No one was hurt. That's the most important thing but still... 😞

Hope to hear some good news from y'all!

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Best part of my day is walking out of work and taking the damn mask off. About 5 to 10 people I know or work with have had Covid and they all say it's not fun, about like Flu but worse. To my knowlege no one I work with has passed it on to any one at work, they all have caught it outside of work. Best description from the few I know that have had it is, and I quote roughly, "felt like Flu but worse, I didn't know blankets could be so heavy". I work at a large corporation with over 1500 people on site and we have to take our temp before going in and "attest" to a bunch of affirmations that we weren't exposed before we enter the building. I am so ready for this to be over and get back to a normal life. I would just like to hang out at the local bar, or any where public with my friends and not be treated like an outcast for not wanting to wear a mask every where I go. I wear it where I "have to".

My wife just went through a double ear infection with a sinus infection because no doctors would see her with out a covid test even though it is documented that she gets sinus infections every winter 3 or 4 times. 4 days after getting a test her result was negative and she finally got antibiotics, a week later she is at last feeling better. Only once or twice more to go through this before spring hits.

All due respect to those that have had it, died from it or have had some one in their lives that did not survive Covid, but for such a small percentage of the population affected I think the response has been over the top, at least in my personal experience.

On a better note, glad to see someone is still posting on here. I check in almost daily, but nothing much has been posted for me to reply to.


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