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Getting back too my roots


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 friend gave me all hid vape stuff the other day he had a lot of older stuff I charged up the Istick50 and it worked so Im cleaning up his Naut mini and I put mine on thats been sitting for yrs Im diggin it as @FXRich said good flavor less cloud

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My wife loves her Nautilus, and uses it more than her subtank mini or nano.  She loves the tighter draw and flavor, more than the open-draw and cloud she gets from the other tanks.  We were out of coils for it for a while so she had no choice but to use the subtanks, but as soon as I found some coils for her natty, she was using it within minutes of the mail arriving, lol.

I've not used any of my older tanks for a long while, but I've been eyeing my old Aerotanks on the shelf.   Clouds are nice, but I remember the flavor seemed to be "better" in the Aerotanks and Nautilus.  The draw is much tighter in the older tanks (especially the Nautilus), so that is one reason I've not switched back... that, and the fact you just can't find coils for the old Kangers anymore (although I probably still have 25+ in one of my boxes-o-crap?) ;)  I saved a good stockpile just in case the vapepocalypse occurred...

@cany, Where did you find coils for the Nautilus?  I'd like to get the wife another good stockpile of them in 1.6 Ohm...  She has two or three Nautilus tanks, but we're running VERY low on coils for her, and locally coils are non-existent.  Online supplies are few and far between too... or WAY overpriced.

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16 minutes ago, shen_long86 said:

@Cany that is awesome to hear. I couldn't do that at all, I am too adjusted to direct lung inhale....lol Once upon a time I used Nautilus tanks and really enjoyed them. Either way that is cool that you can go back to those and enjoy them.



Shen I didnt think I would I still have and use my direct tanks but something about what got me started on vaping is keeping me going

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On 3/9/2019 at 5:57 PM, cany said:

1.6 coil on a Nautilus mini powered by an I stick 50W I wonder if Im gonna  continue all the ways back to my Ego C twist

I'm headed the same direction lately.  Rediscovering variable wattage mode and the beatitudes of simple wire.  Not sure I'll ever go back to a AIO EGO but definitely enjoying the change.  

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