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Carmel Sunday with pretzels


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Reading Vapemama Post I want to share.

Here what I got.

Vanilla bean ice cream 3%

Salted caramel (FA) 1.5%

Vanilla whipped cream 2%

Wild cherry (FW) .75%

Pretzel (ooo)4%

Super sweet.5%

The issues I have are I can't get the pretzel to stand out more and the cherry is a bit much. I need more vanilla too.

I believe I need to take out the vanilla whipped cream and replace it with straight whipped cream and a vanilla flavor like simple vanilla (CAP).



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Cherry is a tough one to get right, the only time it's worked for me is with double dark chocolate in a cordial type mix. the trick is letting it steep a really long time in really small amounts. I use 0.5ml to every 20 ml's of juice and add to it a drop at a time until it's just noticeable then after the steep period it pops out without the medicine taste.

I hope that helps a little.


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I make a Cherry Cheesecake flavor that tastes good to me, after it steeps for a couple of weeks.

5% Natural Cherry (FW)

10% Cheesecake (FW)

FW Natural Cherry is a coil killer, I also have some FW Black Cherry, but haven't tried it yet. Seems like most of the Natural flavors are coil killers, so going to quit using them when I run out.

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