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Vape Shop Owners Object to New State Tax Proposal, Say Stores Will Close


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Vape shop owners are fired up over a new plan by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to levy a 75 percent excise tax on products purchased from wholesalers.

The tax proposal, contained in the Democratic governor’s revised budget released Friday, threatens the future of the industry, the owners said. They predict it would lead most of the state’s approximately 90 vape shops to close as consumers turn to online sellers in search of lower priced e-cigarettes and supplies.

“Just do the math,’’ said Christine Mazzotta, who owns three vape shops in Connecticut and leads the state chapter of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trades Association, an industry group. “A tax that high is simply going to push business out of Connecticut. It’s going to close stores.”

The tax proposal is contained deep within the governor’s revised budget plan. If approved by the legislature, the state would begin collecting the excise tax on Jan. 1. It would generate $4.3 million in fiscal 2018 and $8.5 million the following year.

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When are politicians going to realize that taxing something to death is just putting it to death and driving consumers to alternative sources... online, out of state purchases, etc.??

Those proposed estimates on revenue are pure assumptions, based on continued sales at the same level, and growth (which will never happen) as more move from smoking to vaping.

Just ask NYC how well it worked to tax soda and limit sizes of drinks from fast-food.... 

But, you hit the nail on the head... "Democrat Governor"...  that says all I need to hear :( 

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Does no one remember the tale of the goose that laid the golden eggs? Yes, let's just raise the tax so high it forces small businesses to close so the employees no longer have an income. Let's raise taxes so high on vaping supplies that everyone either resorts back to smoking and putting a further strain on the healthcare industry and Medicaid/Medicare, or they go online to buy what they need. *bangs head on wall* If these politicians would just stop and think, they could actually do something positi... nevermind. Thinking and politicians don't mix. Oxymoron. Ugh.

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23 minutes ago, Walt said:

It's going to become worse before it gets better.  We now have the "TaDa!" and or "entitlement" generation voting.  Expect taxes to hit a minimum of 50%. 

Don't forget the "Ooooh, SHINY!" generation that has the attention span of... oh, look! Pony!!!  :lol:

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Does no one recall this goose that laid the golden eggs' narrative? Yes, let's just raise the tax so large it compels companies thus the workers have the income to close. Let us increase taxes large on placing a strain on the medical business and Medicaid/Medicare and vaping supplies that everybody resorts back to smoking, or else they go on the internet to purchase what they require.

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