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Flavours and drinks

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Frutti-Tutti, with everything....

I have my " all day long " flavour too... normally is cherry menthol or super highway. But trust me..your vaping experience will be completely different if you try to match  flavours with drinks. I normally totally hate cinnamon flavour.... but is glorious with Coca-Cola....:)

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Most of the time I have water or beer while I vape, but there are a couple of flavors I like with very specific drinks.

My ADV, which is a lemon & menthol blend from a local B&M goes really well with a drink I like to call a "Tennessee Twister" - Monster Rehab Tea & Lemonade flavor with a shot of Jack Daniels.

Then there is PBFB from Fadora.  For my taste buds, that pairs surprisingly well with a nice, cold Guinness (or just about any other stout).

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