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The TRUE AR15 mod


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That's awesome..I really wanna get into building these things badly. Careful though. They might try to ban your "deadly black assault vape" :wallbash: All jokes aside though...very nice mod. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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Well picked up some other grips a few days ago to try and make a duel 18650.

Never have I worked on something that aggravated me so much lol.

After moving the fire switch 3 times I finally got it to work. I need to work on the contacts for the neg side of the battery to make it look cleaner but that's what prototyping is for.

Sucks I have to leave next week and will be gone for 3 weeks, I could sell over a dozen of them right now lol


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Thanks Jason, the standard ar grip is too small for duel 18650. I'm working on it to make a single 18650 model. Mounting the switch and 510 is the easy part, figuring a way to run the wires and install a battery is tough. I may go with on board charging for that on.

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