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Selecting an RBA/RDA...


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Okay, I promised myself I'd not start with an RDA or anything rebuildable until school started for my kids... and now it's time!

I've been browsing the local shops and getting a "feel" for the different builds and quality, and here's what I've narrowed myself down to, and yes, most are HCigar, as that is what the local shops sell, and what everyone here has suggested to be the closest 1:1 clones... and no this list is not in any order of preference:

  • Tobeco (copper) TOBH (none of the local shops have a copper HCigar)
  • Lotus (adjustable airflow, but thin drip well and made very tall - mostly like it for the brass)
  • HCigar Enigma (love the gold post, deep well, and feel of it)
  • HCigar Patriot (kinda meh, and no adjustable airflow, but made solid)
  • HCigar Stillare (looks good, adjustable airflow, and recommended by the shop)
  • HCigar Trident (gold V2, looks small, but quite heavy and looks like it could take abuse)
  • HCigar Brass Kraken (yeah, actually a Genesis tank, but still rebuildable and just looks friggin awesome)

I've looked at KayFun, etc.... and of all of the Tank RDA's (RTAs), I'm drawn to the Russian 91%, but if I were going to really consider that style, I think I'd sill go with a Kraken (or both) :)

My personal likes from the ones above are the Enigma, Stillare, Trident, and TOBH, in that order... but the Kraken also calls to me :)

Nope, I've not bought any Kenthal yet, but I have a good coil meter (and a Fluke) and a toolbox full of appropriate tools, including small butane torch. I also have no issues with actual building, as I have electronics experience.

I'm not looking to cloud-chase... just looking for something simple to tinker with, and something to give me the opportunity to sample new flavors without dirtying a tank/coil, as well as "enjoy" the fullest benefits of my "better" juices, when I take the time.

Suggestions? Comments? Alternates I've not considered which are simple, yet solid?

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Just bought two Magma's and they are exceeding my expectations.

Heavy well made, great design and very deep well, and the flavor is just amazing.

So you know I bought mine at 88evape.com for $20 plus shipping and it's a very well made clone and the seller has been good also.

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If Enigma is your first preference, check out Origen V2., aesthetically they are similar. Can't go wrong with a TOBH.

For alternatives not on your list check out magma. I liked it so much I bought another one. Vulcan is another great RDA but wait for the clone, and if it performs on par with the original.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions. Several of you have sent PMs with suggestions and personal experience, which have been very insightful!

I've checked out the Magma (from Infinite), and the design is brilliant! I also love the adjustable airflow and copper or brass options for the ring. Either (or both) will compliment my new MODs :)

So, right now, I'm leaning really hard towards the Magma for my first purchase... later on, I may snag an Enigma and/or Stillare for my second purchase. Several had said the Kraken has "issues" that make it less desirable than a Russian 91%... so maybe a Russian will be later down the line, too...

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I own 2 mechs and 2 Magma's and I want to add a 3rd setup of the same so I can have 3 juices ready to go at all times.

To me I'd buy a kayfun clone as I feel the market is ready for a better replacement that will be even better real soon.

Or find an original barely used for a fraction of the cost of new.

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Okay... I've made my decision... I'm going to order an Infinite Magma (with copper ring), and either a Kayfun or Russian 91%.

I borrowed a friend's Russian over the weekend, and the flavor is amazing on this thing, and at 1-Ohm, a tank of juice lasted much longer than I expected... very similar to what I'd use from my AeroTanks in a day. My question is this...

I know the Russian is a clone of the KayFun... but a clone of which version? Is the KayFun 3.1 a better RBA than the Russian? Is the KayFun Lite Plus the same as the Russian?

I'd like to have a "window" to know my juice levels, but it's not absolutely necessary... The Russian I borrowed was black with no glass, which wasn't a huge issue, but I like to "see" if I need to refill before toasting a wick? I also prefer Pyrex over plastic, and some of the descriptions online for KayFun's say "plastic tank", but also come with SS tank too... Decisions, decisions, decisions...

The local vape shop wasn't much help. Of the 4 people there last night, only one "uses" RBA/RDA and he was pushing a Patriot and wouldn't stop talking about his "0.2-ohm quad-coil builds that will kick your teeth in"... but, he admitted he had never tried/used a KayFun (because it's just another ProTank, right? [facepalm])....

So, I guess my question is this... Russian 91% or KayFun 3.1 or KayFun Lite Plus? Differences, advantages, opinions?

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I chose the Russian, similar but from research I've done Not a clone, designed by an individual in Russia, produced in Germany. I paid a little more but I love the Russian, I like the sealed ring on fill hole. Dont need a needle tip bottle to fill, I even prefer the drip tip, I Dont get fluid build up etc.

I prefer having a visual tank, although it comes w a stainless tank.

Most come w a drip tip adapter if you want to interchange them, I Dont.

There those are my reasons for choosing a Russian 91%. No leaks no fuss no muss, unless you are dumb and forget to use your lock ring and it heats up and then it will a bit through the airhole my dumb move.

I weighed it out between the two and will be buying a back up Russian even.

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Yes, I remember reading on the debate between the two, as to which came first, and all the details... I guess "clone" wasn't the proper term, as they are similar, yet so similar parts are interchangeable...

I liked the Russian I was using... adjustable airflow, solid, no leaks, etc.... and the black would look awesome if you could get brass accents or frosted glass :)

The price differences between a Russian, KayFun Lite Plus, and Kayfun 3.1 is not huge, but saving a buck is still saving a buck :) And, I have no issues paying a bit more for features and craftsmanship!

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Tank sizes are basicaly the same on all of them. All come with plastic tanks, not sure if you can buy a pyrex replacement or not. The KFL+ is pretty much the same overall as the russian 91%. I recently bought an Ehpro clone of the KFL+ for under 30 shipped. Came with the full clear, center clear, and center SS tanks. I really like mine!

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I was guessing the windows were all plastic, since they thread together, not a compression fit. That's okay, as I'd rather fill a little here and there, than have one of my Cinnamon flavors crack their way to the desk :D

The local shop has an authentic Russian (black), but no way I can afford their price :) If I go "authentic", I'll buy online and save $50! Does anyone make a "good" clone? Or, have I not been looking hard enough?

They also have several HCigar and Ehpro clones of the 3.1 and KFL+ , which range from $30-$45 (which is not horrible for B&M prices), and those I've found online are ranging from $20-$40. But, I just don't see any difference between the 3.1 and Light-plus, other than price?

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The 3.1 is taller. The base has a different setup. I like the lite plus as well as the russian versions that have the o-ring on the fill screw. Prevents seepage of liquid through the threads. The main benefit of the russian to me is the adjustable 510 pin. I haven't had an issue with my kayfun clone, but it's an option to consider. I think the one I bought also comes in black, just make sure the black finish is not on the inside (threads, tank, etc..)

I should note, I have the KFL+ V1 clone. The V2 has very slight changes to the interior of the top cap and a different look to the top cap and drip tip.

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I think I just found the answers to my "difference" question...

There are slight differences in the top-caps and drip-tips between manufacturers (some include 510 adapters, some don't), but mostly they are the same... the real differences are the filling points and air-flow adjustments between the KayFun versions and Russian!

Russian 91% - Bottom fill through recessed port, with o-ring for better seal. Air-flow adjustment is on the side of the base (no need to remove from MOD to adjust.

KayFun Light Plus V1 - Bottom fill through slightly recessed port, with o-ring for better seal. Air-flow adjustment is on the bottom of the base.

KayFun Light Plus V2 - Bottom fill through deeper recessed port (deeper than V1), with o-ring for better seal. Air-flow adjustment is on the bottom of the base. Also to note top-cap has bevel for drip-tip and different drip-tip style (not smooth tube like V1 or Russian).

KayFun 3.1 - Side fill through recessed port, with o-ring seal. Air-flow adjustment also on the side (similar to the Russian). The change in the base makes the 3.1 taller than the Russian, but more Russian-like at least with air-flow adjustment location. The 3.1 also retains the Russian/KFL+V1 top-cap and drip-tip style. The center-pin of the 3.1 is also adjustable like the Russian.

So, I hope I understood the differences from all the reading I've done today :)

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Only point I would question is the recess of the v1 t v2, I think they are the same. My v1 is deep with o-ring just like the v2. Otherwise I think you basicaly covered it. Also, in my Ehpro kfl+ v1 clone the o-ring in the top cap for the chimney is held in by a groove to prevent it from falling out. Seems to be a shortfall in some without that.

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Yeah, that was a lot of info to digest... lol

FishGuy, you may be right with the "recess", but one of the notes I read on the V2 said "recessed further into the bottom cap to help prevent e-liquid from being spilled"... so I'm sure if it's deeper, it's probably only a thousandths of an inch?

I'm definitely sold on the Russian, and Ma gave me a link where I can get one without breaking the bank. I'll also be grabbing one of the Kayfun's (V1) as a back-up, and to have one to play with! You can never have too many toys, right? :D

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