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  1. Just my 2 cents, I started with a $5 igo w on a vamo. I still use that rda to this day...although I drilled it out and run subohm on it now haha.
  2. I use Panasonics and Sony VTCs. I know I know...charts...graphs...etc. My friends run 0.08 and sometimes lower, so I feel pretty safe. Plus a 2 second hit just about fills my lungs up so I'm not running it tooooo much per hit.
  3. 18gauge, 7 wrap coming in at 0.2 ohms in my TOBH Atty. Flavor monster, decent clouds.
  4. Just received these bottles today. I can honestly say I give every flavor at least a 9/10. Temple of Moo has replaced Unicorn Milk for me. $18 for a 30ml, which to me is a decent price, especially considering the quality. Great liquids from a new company, check them out and throw them a "Like" on facebook. Happy Vaping! www.vapemonster.com
  5. These guys above me pretty much nailed it, but here's my 2 cents. Wicking material, wicking position, and airflow are the main factors. I find that Japanese cotton has the best flavor, but I know other people prefer different things like silica, regular organic cotton, cotton gauze, etc. I'd also drop the nic down to about 8mg if you are at 18-24 right now. I use 12mg in my kafuns and foggers, but with dripping I use 6mg. Best of luck!
  6. Eventually it will be like anything else. Black market, price increase, more "criminals."
  7. I love vaperoyalty and Eciggity about the same. Great shipping time, great products.
  8. I use a cool trick to get more bang for my buck with them. 100%pg, 24mg, 3-5flavor shots. Then I cut it all down to 8mg with my own vg. Vapes great and I get about 200+ml for $30.
  9. Box mods basically have a capacitor which means that it can put out more voltage/wattage then what is going into it. So you can out 50w through any coil. That's basically how it works, I'm not at my pc or I would send some links to the exact components.
  10. Vision spinner and nautilus tank. Good starter set up.
  11. Fogger V4, and 500ml of assorted juice. Time to stalk the mailman...
  12. I sure hope so, but I think its just a mattery of cell size. I don't think we will ever see a 350 2600mah haha.
  13. I like my 350 mode mech, its so compact and just easier to carry around. The major downside is the 900mah battery lol. I have to carry at least 4 >_>
  14. I am looking for some high mah rating 18350 batteries. The Sigelei 900mah is great, but just not enough. I'd hate to carry around 4-5 batteries because the 350 mode is my work vape.
  15. Ohhhh ok that makes more sense. :p
  16. Basically a guy who helped make the kayfun got into it with the other and then he made the 91%. Allegedly.
  17. The Mutant is pretty cool, I like it more than the Hades.
  18. From what I understand, setting both wattage and voltage doesn't matter because you can only use one mode or the other. Wattage setting is for switching tanks, say I have a 1.5ohm coil and I like the hit at 10watts, well if I switch to a 2.1ohm coil and leave it at 10watts it should hit the same as my 1.5ohm coil. Voltage however is going to give the same current no matter what my resistance, so a 1.5 ohm coil at 6v might taste burnt where as a 2.1ohm coil might hit fine. Basically, voltage will put out that set voltage through any coil, wattage makes your hits consistent when switching different ohm coils without having to adjust.
  19. Honestly, good luck. Unless you want a clone. Congestus is pretty cool, so is the Mutant.
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