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Battery help!


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If I over use mine I feel the mod getting warm, not Hot. Heat will radiate through a mod if it is used a lot. I'm talking a half hour of drip vape, drip vape virtually not stop. I have learned to check my battery and make sure it is not the battery warming things up. If the battery itself is warm or hot, I toss it out no questions asked. Like Josh said, if you hold that button down too long it can cause an issue. You can get a multimeter at WalMart, but if you don't know to use one, get a Ohm checker from any vape web site. Most are around 15-19 bucks.

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1st. What guage wire are you using 26 g kanthal
2nd. What size rod did you use to wrap the coils with. 2mm
3rd. How many wraps did you do (each coil) 6 wraps im doing a dual micro coil
4th. What battery are you using? Do you know the nominal amp rating (not peak amps) http://www.madvapes.com/mnke-imr-18650-1500mah-flat-top.html
5th. Where did you learn how to build your own coils? (Youtube?) yes youtube
6th. How long were you holding the fire button for before the mod started getting hot? i hold the firing button for about 4 seconds and it becomes super super hot

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Ok. Based on that info, you are within safe limits of your battery. Does your build ohm out at 0.3ohms? Thats what I come up with on that same build.

So, the problem lies with your mods fire switch. Is it a spring switch or magnet? I'm thinking that if your fire switch is getting overly hot, that your mods switch is spring loaded. Some of those springs are made of an inferior metal that doesn't have good conductivity. You may wanna disassemble your fire switch and see if you can get a new one and try that. It sounds like your getting whats referred to as "hot spring".

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