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  1. ok i wiped the battery though the big black marks didnt go away the minors did im waiting a reply from the people to see if i can switch out the mod
  2. thanks im glad i caught that i just bought these batteries and it would have been a shame if they were destroyed, they both have the black marks so what should i do now D:
  3. 1st. What guage wire are you using 26 g kanthal 2nd. What size rod did you use to wrap the coils with. 2mm 3rd. How many wraps did you do (each coil) 6 wraps im doing a dual micro coil 4th. What battery are you using? Do you know the nominal amp rating (not peak amps) http://www.madvapes.com/mnke-imr-18650-1500mah-flat-top.html 5th. Where did you learn how to build your own coils? (Youtube?) yes youtube 6th. How long were you holding the fire button for before the mod started getting hot? i hold the firing button for about 4 seconds and it becomes super super hot
  4. what should the ohm tester read on a dual coil build. And can they be purchased at walmart? edit: could you guys link me to the cheapest one..
  5. o god my hand is burning and my mod is hot as hell
  6. last thing lol, do i got too much cotton in this? http://puu.sh/8q8sT.jpg edit: is the battery suppose to get hot like the push button D:
  7. thanks guys i got it to work
  8. ok i got it to unscrew now i got it to fit but my battery is vibrating when i press the button
  9. on the site i bought it from they said that there is an adjustable pin but i cant seem to find it, plus there are no new reviews yet because its a brand new mod
  10. http://puu.sh/8q3q6.jpg http://puu.sh/8q3tD.jpg http://puu.sh/8q3wG.jpg
  11. http://puu.sh/8q0hS.jpg Side View http://puu.sh/8q0cl.jpg Diagonal View http://puu.sh/8q0fv.jpg - Front View
  12. wait never mind i cant unscrew it
  13. i cant take off my patriot rda from it it seems like its stuck D:
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