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Battery help!


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Battery "vibrating"? Hmmm...

How tight is the pin against the battery? If its just a little loose you can get a little arcing between the battery and the pin. Can sometimes cause whats called "rattlesnake". Gives a bit of sound and possibly a small vibration. Try getting the pin a little more snug against the battery

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If your adjustable pin isn't long enough you can use a small disk magnet for a spacer. Had to use one in an old mod

I'm actually having a similar prob with my new Hades clone. May have to do that. Its working now, but still has a slight battery rattle till I push the button.

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dont have an ohm tester D:

Okay, I'm gonna "try" and not be a butt hole here, but if you dont have an ohms checker, you do NOT need to be building coils!

You could literally blow your face off! The battery can vent and turn your beautiful mod into a hand greneade.

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I need to ask you a few questions Yam.

1st. What guage wire are you using

2nd. What size rod did you use to wrap the coils with.

3rd. How many wraps did you do (each coil)

4th. What battery are you using? Do you know the nominal amp rating (not peak amps)

5th. Where did you learn how to build your own coils? (Youtube?)

6th. How long were you holding the fire button for before the mod started getting hot?

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