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Found 39 results

  1. Hi! Which mod do you like this best?? I recently got the Kangertech drip mod and love it!! because I get tired of dripping all the time. I have an ez dripper but carrying the around is like carrying extra stuff which is ok unless you have pouch to hold everything in it. So which mod are ya'll most efficient or favorite??
  2. Hey everyone! I'm new here because I recently just bought my first box mod and I'm having some trouble with it. So I got the Smok R80 TC just the other day (the bundle kit) from my local vendor and I FREAKIN' LOVE IT!!! There's a problem though that's really bumming me out... the damn coils!! I used the first coil that was pre-installed into my vape. It was a Micro CLP2 0.3 ohm coil. By my mistake, and out of my ignorance for box vapes, (not to mention my overwhelming excitement) I loaded the atomizer up with juice and starting firing away. IT WAS AWESOME AS CRAP!! I started off around 40 watts, switched around to 50, 60, and back down to 30. The coil lasted a little less than a day before I started tasting this nasty burnt taste. (I put that coil back into my vape this morning, and I was only able to take about 2 or 3 good hits before the burnt taste came back, so I'm assuming I ruined it beyond repair.) So after I figured I'd burnt out the coil somehow, I switched to the backup coil they gave me, a Micro STC2 0.25 ohm. I was nervous about it burning out...and within an hour, my worries had come true...it did! And even quicker than the last coil! I usually start off on 40 watts...which is on the low side for these kinds of coils, or at least that's what they say. I don't "choo-choo train hit it", just straight inhales, so I don't think the way I'm hitting it is the problem. I do tend to chain vape sometimes, so maybe I just used it too much? I find that hard to believe because the drags I take aren't very long and I usually take 5-10 hits max in a row before setting it down. I know I'm a newbie when it comes to these kinds of vapes, as I've been smoking the eGo One vape pen for a while and I figured I needed a serious upgrade. Can somebody please tell me what I'm doing wrong? The wattage range for the 0.3 and 0.25 coils say 30-60, and now when I try to vape with them I can only use about 17 watts and I STILL get the burnt taste...I guess I'll have to pitch them.... I do vape with high VG a good bit of the time, but my eGo One was able to withstand all of it...it makes me sad to think that's what I'll have to resort back to! :/ I also heard letting them "pre-juice" before I start vaping? Can somebody explain that process to me? Or as a matter of fact, can someone explain ANY other kinds of procedures I can do to prevent my coils from burning out so quickly? I will be really bummed if I just wasted a good chunk of my money on this...and I'll also be super bummed if I'm forced to vape on less than 30 wattage...I'll get better clouds and flavor on my eGo One. So yeah, don't laugh, I know I'm new to this stuff. I don't know if it's me doing something wrong, faulty coils, the atomizer, or the tank itself...but I'm going to take a wild guess that it was me. If someone can give me some advice for the next time I'm able to purchase some new coils, that would be fantastic. Thank you guys for your help!
  3. Hi I'm looking for a smaller box mod. I've been looking at the Sigeli 75w tc box mod or the snow wolf 75w box mod? Any other suggestions or comments on which one to buy?
  4. i am looking for a new tank. i started vaping a few months ago and not happy with my current tank. i am looking for one with the best cloud production. i am an ex smoker for about a month now and would like to keep it that way, please help keep me interested in vaping! thanks alot!
  5. i want to step up from my previous vape, (one my friend gave me, i dont know what it is) but i would like one that is easy to use and makes good clouds. preferably something in a kit form. i looked at the joyetech evic vtc mini and heard really good things but it looked very confusing to use in the videos i watched. i like simple to use things. i also looked at the coolfire 4 plus and loved that the tank was so easy to use and heard it was a good tank but the mod has no tc, and im really woried about that. i also know that the joyetech handles tc very well, as i heard. also is there any other great kits out there? im not really interested in the kanger topbox. thank you for any answers and help!
  6. what is the best vape under $60? looking for a new one getting something good!
  7. i have found a few good vapes to use, (for my first time vaping) thanks to some people today who helped me find these, but i cant figure out which one to get, they all have great reviews, recommendations, and similar prices. please help me find the best one i should use. the vapes are: SMOKTECH MICRO ONE 80W TC STARTER KIT http://www.vapordna.com/SMOKtech-Micro-One-80W-TC-Micro-TFV4-Starter-Kit-p/micro1.htm KANGER TOPBOX MINI 75W TC STARTER KIT http://www.vapordna.com/Kanger-TOPBOX-Mini-75W-TC-Starter-Kit-p/topbxm.htm UD BALROG 70W TC STARTER KIT http://www.vapordna.com/UD-Balrog-70W-TC-Starter-Kit-p/ulbalr.htm
  8. Hello all, I'm putting together a little write up about Vaping etiquette. I was curious to see what your tips, rules are. Any suggestions are helpful, thanks! PARTYMONSTR.com
  9. Has anyone been vaping on Gizmos eliquid?
  10. Im new to vaping, i was wondering, why is it that i get dry hits with my Subtank mini prebuilt .5Ω coils on 40w but not with my Subtank mini rba .7Ω coil on 40w, it confuses me.. please help
  11. Hello everyone, I just won a Varibox on VapeTeam Live! I have the 18350's sitting in a cart waiting to add some more goodies. Any recommendations that would go really well with this mod that any of you know about would be greatly appreciated! Also I read this: "NOTE: The top view presents a recessed 510 connector. If you are wanting to use the VariBox with a carto tank, you would need an extender. DO NOT mistake this recessed area as a drip cup or drip well -juice does not go here." When he says extender does he mean a 510 to 510 adaptor, or do they make actual 'extenders' for situations like these? I really plan on sticking some cartos on here, but if an atty will work in this, why would a carto with a drip tip not? Any other tips, tricks or advice that can be passed on is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  12. Vape curious? Trying to quit smoking? We're having our every other month vape meet thing going on soon. Stop on by and see what happens chicken wing! (seriously- come check out our tasty vapor and we'll show you for yourself why you won't pick up a smoke ever again!) ...We welcome noobs! Sunday, October 9th, 2pm-whenever The Whiskey Junction , 901 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis MN - 612 338 9550 We had our last 2 meets there, and the staff are great, we were able to explain vaping to some other customers who smoked, or had loved ones who wanted to quit smoking. It is a friendly, fun atmosphere, the service and food are good, and the parking situation is ideal! The light rail also has a stop right across the street! We will be discussing the location of the December 11th meet, as we would like to find another location to try. Vape meets can be a great way to be a positive introduction to vaping for folks who don't know anything about it! No formal RSVP is needed. ___________ This is a repost for the MN vape meet. Feel free to message me with any questions. Troop
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