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  1. I didnt even know they started making mesh coils. I wonder how they perform.
  2. I would recommend EC Blends, they have an all natural and organic line. I actually sometimes prefer the flavor from some organic liquids sometimes.
  3. I am looking for backup Mod because I am pretty much just using one at the moment. It would be a lot more convenient to grab another. Not looking for anything too crazy since its a backup. What do you guys think of the Reuleaux RX? I found one on sale and I think it might do the job. https://www.ecblendflavors.com/personal-vaporizer-e-cig-wismec-reuleaux-rx-2-3-kit/
  4. Wish I had one, they really do look pretty awesome.
  5. Dang. Thanks, will totally come in handy later.
  6. Congratulations! Hard work paid off!
  7. I want a pod just for the sweet stealth vape potential.
  8. Hey guys, I am looking for your favorite tobacco flavors. Looking for some recommendations. Some of my favorites are Duke https://www.ecblendflavors.com/duke-blend-eliquid-flavor/ Coumarin Pipe http://vapingcloud9.com/products/coumarin-pipe-e-juice.html
  9. Trying Killer Kustard for the first time. And Always go to have a tobacco flavor with me.
  10. After using the kit for a few weeks I am fairly impressed. I it's small enough to carry around without being to cumbersome and still delivers on vapor production. The flavor on the tank is consistently delicious and indeed seems to perform best in between "best" ranges show on the coils. All in all the combo is a solid kit that I have been enjoyin What are your guys first impressions of the Swag?
  11. Is there an average steeping time that most liquid would benefit from? Some liquid seems ready ready rock and roll immediately after mixing and other stuff that I have tried seems to need a week or so to sit.
  12. Dragon's tear by ecblend. Good creamy flavor.
  13. See if your bottles have date on them. You may be able to salvage the newer juice.
  14. The OG nautilus was my my first tank. Loved that tank! Held a ton of liquid too which was very convenient.
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