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  1. highpass

    Spheroid filler

    I have scoured forums and gotten nowhere. Spheroid/A7oid/any other 'oid users… what do you use? In Europe the #1 recommendation (after Sera) is Juwel filter pads, which aren't available natively in the US. Amazon has something similar, but they're 12mm thick (Juwel are 5mm). I've tried: Walgreens facial pad Fluval fine polish pads Fluval foam pads …all of which either take too much faff or just dump out even with the most minimal filling. Sera is my backup, and works well enough although requires faff. Cheers HP
  2. I paid for the kit on Dec 1 and haven't seen any notification from seller… and he hasn't been active in a year here or ECF. Should I file a dispute or wait? Oop! Spoke too soon - just shipped. All is well
  3. highpass

    The UK

    Vaping in pubs… some allow, some don't. There's a thread on UK Vapers with a map of those that allow it
  4. highpass

    do ecigs cause dental decay?

    Last time I went to the dentist he asked the same question, and was under the impression they did (rumours and what not). Personally I don't see it.
  5. highpass

    The UK

    I am FROM the UK.. but not currently in it. Does that count? …no. fine
  6. charger, 2 batts, kanthal 28, cotton yarn, multimeter + 510 meter, rba over the last week. now to wait for the bloody mod itself!
  7. highpass

    Complicated car charger

    This is the charger? Here are the instructions (little dubious about the "ego cable regulates themselves" whilst true you are losing the additional safety of the wall plug adapter right?):
  8. What is the difference between these readings? I have a battery powered 510 volt meter coming (the one available at most vape sites). If it reads 1.5ohm… it is 1.5ohm. Right? I read a post elsewhere wherein a microcoil read "0.8ohm at '0' and 1.5 at resistance"… whatever that means.
  9. To be honest, I should've figured that out on my own… not just the mention of "0 reading" but the simple math of it alone Does this come into play in those 510 meters sold at vape sites? you'd think this already accounted for right
  10. Spheroid arrived! Only got ego batteries to power the thing until the MS shows up. In the drawer it goes (after a couple of attempts at making a coil). Imedic: liking that VTR. looks mean!
  11. Ok this was explained to me.. the base reading of the meter was 0.8. The reading with coil was 1.3. So the actual resistance of the coil is 1.5 - 0.8 = 0.7 Case closed!
  12. highpass

    Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    DHL have listed my RBA as "shipment on hold" in Germany. Might be customs delay… might be in someone's pocket! Bollocks
  13. highpass


    Whilst I don't believe it is totally safe, there's no doubt it's leagues safer than actual cigs. Plus your teeth don't yellow… it's cheaper… tastes better… and you don't reek. No brainer really!
  14. Well that was a wake-up call. I admit I made the same negative assumption… but it turns out you're probably better off buying from them rather than some guy sat in his garage farting and petting his dogs between brews. Also noticed a "boge" tag on a vat in there - guess they make more than liquid in this facility (cartos etc?). Good stuff. edit… as a side note, is there is still a question regarding the quality of ingredients used, even if the conditions are top notch.
  15. highpass

    Xtar VP1 Charger

    Been looking at chargers, fond of this one as it has a built in volt meter. However: Why does it have 3 current modes? 0.25, 0.5, 1.0. Apparently this differs from battery to battery (18350s should be charged at 0.5 - or so the docs say) Also, a review I read states: …what's up with that? edit… it charges to 4.17v. That's a whole tenth of a vape missing! con job
  16. Thanks for the suggestions I think i've had a rough neck before but it may have been from somewhere else. Whatever the weather, been a while so I'll give it a go. Cheers
  17. Anyone have a good recommendation for something that tastes like Golden Virginia, or worst case, Drum? The best I've found so far was from mister eliquid.
  18. highpass

    Xtar VP1 Charger

    Pila? That's the other "super duper" one I've seen. Such a shame, love the built in meter
  19. highpass

    Help with understanding coil gauge and wrapping

    I am just getting into this too. I would recommend getting an ohm meter to test your coils. Whilst it is pretty standard (number of wraps per given gauge and coil type (regular, micro etc)), better safe than sorry
  20. highpass

    Coming up with a vaping budget?

    I drafted up a little spreadsheet the other day for this, preview below, if you fancy a copy let me know. I meant to add a bit that calculated your ml/day usage but didn't get around to it.
  21. highpass

    What's on YOUR Xmas List?

    Maybe he felt safer laying next to you after the surgery ordeal? Wouldn't be surprised Tam: That's more medical stuff I could afford in 5 years. Shame there isn't Obarkacare… ooh that was terrible
  22. highpass

    What's on YOUR Xmas List?

    Ah that's great news mate, glad it worked out. I guess it kept growing slowly and eventually became annoying for him. The eye thing is a bugger because if we get the surgery it can cause side effects like cherry eye that require even more surgery. At that rate he'll end up looking like a Sony Aibo before long
  23. highpass

    What's on YOUR Xmas List?

    Great choice! Love the look of Watch Dogs, Destiny too. I'd like eye surgery for my dog - poor fella's right eyebrow grows inwards and constantly bothers him.

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