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  1. Jenna463

    Small article on e-cigs

    Hmm, good article.
  2. Jenna463

    Happy Thanksgiving Vapor Talk

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and All The Vapor Talk family's.
  3. Jenna463

    My Uncle Overdosed Using An E Cig.

    E- Cig is one of the best way to quite smoking habit.
  4. Jenna463


    My doctor told me that I must quit smoking now if I didn't want to do irreversible damage to my lungs. As I had tried everything out there to quit with no results, she recommended vapor cigarettes. I bought my starter kit from http://cosmovape.com the next day. I have had fantastic results with it.
  5. Jenna463


    Is using e liquid healthier than smoking cigarettes?
  6. Jenna463


    Thanks, everyone.
  7. Jenna463


    Hi, Every one.

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