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Testing The Performance Of A Pv


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Very good explaination of what is going on.The important thing to remember is if you like what you are getting from your rig don't spend too much time fretting on whether you are getting all the volts.Just find one that delivers the amount and flavor of vapor you like and the battery life you desire.

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A decent vid.

A few observations from what you posted.

In your first demo with the Mark Mod (a 14500 I assume) the unloaded voltage of 3.98V would indicate either a not fully charged cell, or a problem with the Mod itself. Raw cell voltage and unloaded mod voltage should be almost identical, maybe a 0.02V drop... tops. I'm assuming the meter is fine from your later USB adapter voltage test.

Any time someone builds a basic battery mod, box, tube, flashlight etc. the raw cell to unloaded mod volt comparison is important to make sure there is no unwanted additional resistance being introduced.

What that test shows quite clearly is what a poor choice the typical 900mAh 14500 cell is at 1.5Ω. Part of the problem is that they are nowhere near 900mAh at high amp loads. And mAh are related to how much current they can supply.

Here's a test, with a usable range. 4.2 - 3V at a rather light (by our standards) 0.8A discharge.


The verdict? The 900mAh UF14500 is actually 592mAh. And that's at .8A, a LR atty wants 3 times that amount which means the mAh will actually be lower.

In your test @ 3.3Ω you had 3.61V loaded.

Folks should realize mAh's play a huge part in performance, not just vape times. Here's a loaded test by Rocketman. His meter is quite accurate. The cell is a freshly charged 18650 UF3000mAh (OK for low current demands like this, for LR use look elsewhere).

Here he is firing a carto that he metered at 3.2Ω.



Your PT test with the 2A PS was interesting. It shows that a 2A power supply does not guarantee 2A to the atty. I may be old school but if it's a 510 PT I want to know how it works with the real deal, the Joyes. Extrapolating from your test results/drops a Joye atty user (510 or 306) would be at ~4.2V (maybe). It would have been interesting to see how a 1.5Ω load on the PT would compare to your first 14500 test.

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You are quite correct Will, the 14500 under test with the Mark mod was not fully charged. You brought up some very good points about the mah ratings posted on the batteries not being accurate.

My purpose in this video was to show a simple test that anyone could do without getting too elaborate. What I like to do is run a test like this when I first get a new PV to get a base line of it's performance. Later down the road, if I think I notice things not working as well, I can run the test again to see if there is truely a decrease in performance.

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I agree. I was using your tests so folks can get a feel on how they can can be used to further explain and de-mystify certain aspects of vaping. And as you demonstrated you don't need fancy equipment or arcane procedures to draw meaningful and useful conclusions.

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Good job guys!I learned one important aspect today.......as long as I am getting vapor,I'm happy.Still a lot to learn as far as building my own PV.One day I will understand.Great job tho'.Very interesting.

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