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  1. In a few days it will be my fourth year without a cigarette. So I want to take this time to thank some people here at VT that helped me get started and gave me support and info in the beginning. First of course is Chris (the Godfather) for starting this forum with all these great people. If I hadn't found this place I don't know if I would have stuck to it. And of course there's a bunch of the veteran Vapor Talkers that gave me help, info and support along the way, like Ofortuna, Skruff, Mark, jeffb, Brian, Bird dog, Kitsune (the resident mixologist) just to mention a few. Thanks to all of you for helping me in this journey. I really don't believe I would have stuck with it if not for your help and encouragement. All those nights on the chat really made a difference, and I could never have done it without you. My love to you all for sticking with me and giving me your support and information. Thank You ever so much. Love you all!!!
  2. snubber

    Noob Hello

    Let me be one of many to wish you welcome to Vapor Talk. You've come to a great place, Lots of friendly helpful people ready to answer any questions you may have. Good luck and happy vaping.
  3. snubber

    Vivi Nova vs. iClear 30

    Having used both I would have to go with the Iclear first and vivi second. I feel the iclear just wicks better, but my real money is on my new Pro Tank. Bottom coil and glass tank just makes for a better vape.
  4. snubber

    Pre Filled Cartomizers

    why not just fill some cartos when you're just sitting around and put the little rubber condoms back on and you're good to go. Also, you can refill your cartos as long as you keep the flavors some what close. I wouldn't suggest starting off with say a peach flavor and then try to add a coffee or something. may take it a while till you can taste the change.
  5. snubber

    Where have you been all my life?

    Welcome and congrats on giving up the analogs. You've found a great place to hang out, lots of great people ready to help and answer and questions you may have. Good luck and happy vaping.
  6. snubber

    New and full of questions!

    First..Welcome to VT. I think once you get into vaping with a VV type device you'll never go back to stick batteries again. The kit looks nice and seems to be a good deal. If you're not a heavy vaper then the 650mah batteries should be good enough for now. But if you're a heavy vaper then go for the bigger batts. My other suggestion would be to get an evod tank or the pro tank when you get the chance. The bottom coils really make it better and you can use all the juice in the tank before you need to refill without having to do the tilt thing to get juice to your coil. The evod doesn't hold as much liquid as the vivi nova. but I find the flavor to be better and it wicks a lot better also. As one of the veteran vapers here says " back-ups back-ups back-ups". You can never have enough just to be safe, and extra tanks make it easier to have different flavors ready to change out when one flavor starts to get dull. As for the coffee e-liquid, the store here has a flavor called "Choco Java" that's a nice blend of chocolate and coffee. Not heavy on the chocolate and a smooth taste. Also try PinkSpot Vapors. They have a couple of nice coffee flavors as well. But remember that taste is suggestive. What one person thinks is great, you may think tastes like poop. So check around and try a few different places until you find the one that's right for you. Good luck and happy vaping.
  7. snubber

    Vapor Talk juices...still a big hit!

    Well, you're going to get your best flavor with direct dripping, but I've been using the evod tank and the Pro tank mostly. I've kinda gotten away from dripping. Mostly because dripping and driving don't mix. It's just the ease of tanks more than anything, but they do tend to mute the flavor a little. Good luck and happy vaping.
  8. I recently ordered some of my old favorites from VT. Exotic,Mentha,Choco Java,Sweet Dawn and Macchiato. I haven't had any of these in a while and the experience was wonderful. It's kinda like coming home to Mom's home made pie. It brought back many pleasant memories from past VT days and the flavors were just as great as the first time I tried them. These were some of my first juices and I'm glad I came back for more. If you haven't tried any of the VT e-liquids I would suggest you do so. Exotic is a great tobacco (555) type of flavor and has a nice nutty taste. Mentha is one of the boldest menthol flavors I've tried. It will knock your socks off. Choco Java is just that. A nice mellow coffee and chocolate flavor. Not heavy but just a nice blend. Sweet Dawn...A really nice pear flavor. Tastes kinda like a pear "jellybelly". Macchiato is a nice creamy caramel coffee flavor. A very good relaxing type of vape. Well, that's my walk down memory lane. Do yourself a favor and give some of Vapor Talk's e-liquids a try. You might just find something new that really hits the spot for you. Thanks Chris!!!
  9. snubber

    Your Juices?

    God I hope not!!!` I'm a big fan of PinkSpot vapors, and Ahlusion. Roar vapors has a big following as does Elliquidplanet and Mr E-liquid. But my first love was always Vapor Talk "Exotic"
  10. snubber

    Dont Use Ecigexpress

    If the flavoring is the only thing that has you going to this site, look around first. There are other vendors and one of them may have the one you're looking for. You might want to try Vapor Renu, or the The perfumers apprentice. Don't settle without looking around first. Besides, you might just find one that really fits your bill. Also there are many good places to get nic from.
  11. snubber


    We use to have a great video chat here. As many as 9 people could be on cam at once, and there was still a txt chat to go with it. It was "THE" place to be on Fri and Sat nights. Joe2003 can vouch for that. Not exactly sure what cause it to disband. We just sorta dropped out of sight. People move on and start doing other things, lives change etc. I do miss it tho...made a lot of good friends here and I'm sorry it came to an end. Would be nice to try and get things back together again.
  12. Veteran Vaper sells VT "Mentha" it's a real kick-a** menthol flavor. One of my favorites. Also you can try PinkSpots Snowman's Kiss, it's a nice cool menthol flavor.
  13. snubber

    Liquid Search

    Welcome to the wonderful world of vaping. I would also suggest that you try bumping up your nic level a little for a while. I started out with 48mg, waaay to much. Then 36, still a little too much, then 24mg and found it to be a good level for a while. Now after 3 yrs I'm down to 18 and it's a nice middle of the road level. The Veteran Vaper here on the forum sells VT liquid and it's a really good e-liquid. The "Exotic" is a really good tobacco (555) flavor. Also, try and get your liquid in a 50/50 or a 70/30 pg/vg mix. It makes the vapor heavier and that will help just a little bit. As you know, there is a crap ton of vendors out there. Unfortunately taste is very subjective, so what I may like you may think is really sh***y. I think as long as you stay with some of the bigger juice vendors like VT, Rawr, Clouds of Vapor, PinkSpot, and some of the others listed on the forum, you should do fine. I would also suggest Ahlusion, but I warn you that their flavors a little subtle. Well that's all I can tell you right now, like that's not enough. Good luck and happy vaping
  14. snubber

    How Long Does 10 Ml Last You?

    It's all in how you vape. I'm a heavy vaper. I'm usually vaping from the time I get up till I go to bed. So some days it's 6 or 7 mls a day, maybe more. " Your mileage may vary" My biggest suggestion would be to make sure that you always have enough stored up just in case..nothing worse than running out of juice, except maybe running out of batteries. As one of our long timers here always says "back-ups back-ups back-ups!!! Good luck and happy vaping!
  15. snubber

    Hey All. New Member Here

    Welcome to Vapor Talk. You've come to a great place. Wonderful people just full of information and eager to help. Congrats on your switch from analogs. I and we here think you've made a great choice both for yourself and for others. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. There's always some one willing and able to answer or send you to someone who can. So good luck and happy vaping!

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