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Have a problem with my permanent magnet DC brushed motor


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I have a problem with my permanent magnet DC brushed motor. I'm trying to drive it from N-Channel and P-Channel MOSFETs from STM32F100 pin (3,3V logic). I want to turn the motor on and off only, speed is controlled via step-down converter (LM2679-ADJ) and potentiometer. At first I tried to turn the motor on by push button connected to STM pin. Every time the motor has stopped after half of a turn (it has mechanical commutator). Both transistors turned off without my input. Later on I've put instruction in main loop of STM to constantly turn on the N-MOSFET and the motor started to work properly. I wonder what is wrong in schematics that causing that particular situation. I measured voltage across Zener diode and it's 12V when N-MOSFET is turned on. IRF5210 is fully turned on at Vgs=-10V according to datasheet ( http://www.kynix.com/uploadfiles/pdf0125/IRF5210L.pdf).

Schematics in attachment. Any help will be appreciated.

L8oAH.thumb.png.820c060985e1908284dd009289dbc5f9.png                       vY3zS.thumb.jpg.7e327c23f509379171ab477c85448aa7.jpg

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