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Cotton question


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Well I was going to try to build an E-Hookah with an 18.4 Makita battery, a machined stainless 8 Oz custom tank and tampons for wicking.

Seriously though, found a vid on how to rewick stock Atlantis coils, they call for the flat stuff.

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Yeah or nay? All this talk about Japanese cotton. All the ones I see are just machined pads.


For the trouble of using cotton-balls, organic or otherwise (inconsistencies, flaws, lumps, etc.), I switched to Japanese Cotton pads, and couldn't be happier... 5cm by 6cm pads, 200ct bag, from Amazon for ~ $7. I pull one out, cut a strip, feed it through the wick, trim, assemble, vape... couldn't be simpler, and the flavor and wicking is fantastic.

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I gave in to the whole "Japanese Cotton" thing and bought a couple packs of Samurai Cotton at VapeCon. I gotta say, I absolutely love this stuff. No weird flavors, wicks well, and the whole flat pad thing makes cutting the right amount of cotton just so easy! I won't be going to back to cotton balls any time soon. They are doing a x-mas thing where I will be able to get 3 for the price of one. I just shared a photo of theirs and they sent me a code. at $3-4 a pack, you can't go wrong. I'm still using the same two packs I got at the convention. And I rewick every day.

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