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I just don't seem to be able to get a good wick going on a nano coil. No matter what I do, I can't seem to beat a simple 5/6 wrap .5 ohm coil on a 3/32 bit center wicked with cotton. Not sure why I bother trying other things. I tried the dragon coil 5 times and it just doesn't wick well. I get burned cotton and crappy vapor.

Did a twisted coil .35 ohm... Good vape, not worth the extra wire and time

Did another twisted .72 ohm, slow burn but nothing special.

Come to grips with a simple micro with cotton pulled through or continue on experimenting?

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You don't wanna put cotton thru the coil on a nano build. Position the nano at a 45 degree angle. Cover the bottom with cotton and wrap it around the coil leaving the top uncovered. Saturate cotton. This should cause vapor to shoot out the top.

Side note: a dragon coil is not actually a coil. Its a method of wicking.

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I thought I was doing it right. I slipped the cotton under the coils and folded it back around the coils to kinda wrap the coil in cotton. I left the end open like a chimney but it doesn't seem to pull enough juice toward the coil. It sputters, makes a thin cloud and often burns the cotton.

Cotton too tight maybe?

Too much cotton maybe?

I dunno but I'm certainly missing something. Are they always this fickle to get right? A micro coil with cotton pulled through just seems to work no matter what ya do.

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Okay my son grabbed my phone and hit a lot of buttons.

The second photos are of my husbands single coil that I wicked like a bow. His third post is missing (have another one coming). When I wick single and dual coils I don't put any cotton under the coil itself (something I learned from a more experienced vaper)

Posted ImagePosted Image

And my current setup. This one I use two pieces of cotton for.

I have played around with different wicking styles and have found that the two I have now (hubby's and mine) are the ones that work best for us. Not too loose, not to right, and making sure plenty of air can get to it!

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Iv tried nanos, as well as others, but I always come back to a good 26 gauge dual coil at about .35ohm, cotton wick.

I have tried several different coils. I stopped building the extravagant ones after the Clapton and am now back to using just 28ga. 2mm dual coils at around 0.8 ohms.

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