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  1. I have had my IJOY RDTA 200W BOX MOD for about four months. No issues except leaking from the tank. Today my mod began firing on its own. I removed the batteries. I wanted a few puffs, so I put the batteries in. No issues. I filled the tank and set on the counter. Again the mod began firing on its own. Removed batteries once more. Could be the leak causing the firing. Please be cautious if you or someone you know owns this mod.
  2. I began vaping in my 40's. I am 43. Quit analogs and straight to mods
  3. Congratulations on your 113 Days. Those who do not have the current and correct information are yakn out of their fourth point of contact. Ignore the ignorant. Vaping is grand
  4. Please share your link to this calculation
  5. When I say one mil, one milliliter
  6. What size nicotine viles do you have?
  7. Online stores I use are Sauce LA and Fuggin vapor
  8. Welcome Carly. I have ordered from Sauce LA. Check out Fuggin vapor. Omvapes is another site I order from. Stay focused and you should not return to the stinkys. Just have fun trying new flavors
  9. Please do not be down with your decline in your nic level. I am still at 3 nic. Be happy with your progress
  10. The online stores are in the U.S. I am not familiar with shipping and customs to Australia
  11. Check out Misthub, Vaporider, Fugginvapes, and thesaucela. These are all state side online stores
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