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  1. Guys, For those of you who are carto fans, do you mind voting on my little poll i have going on at my site? Which cartomizers leak the most? - Poll I'm trying to gather some stats for everyone to see which cartos are the most leak-proof. Thanks, Mech
  2. I love the Boge LR's myself Cheap and long-lasting. Just a question though, do yours leak? I get a small % of them that leak on me after a day or 2. Thank God it doesn't happen too often - can get rather annoying.
  3. Golfaddict, The Ego-T B-type is definitely a good starter kit to get. However, be aware that the vapor from Tank devices tend to be cold. That's what put me off after a few months of using it. I later upgraded to a Provari, which allows you to turn up the voltage to get warmer, and more flavorful vapor. Mech
  4. I love my liquinator too. Been with it for 2.5 weeks now and it's a solid performer compared to my regular cartos. I'm using the DCC smoketech's though..and these are horrible. 1 in 3 cartos will leak through the center column for me. Sick of it. Getting a shipment of regular Boge's this week. Stay away from SMoketech.
  5. Hey HawtAngel. Thanks for the review of the booster. Good stuff. Was thinking of ordering one but from your reviews, I don't think it's worth the price considering the battery drain. - Mech
  6. Hi guys, Posted this review (video + writeup) a few days ago. Got sent this LEA kit free to do a review on. As you'll see from the review, this unit is yet another reason why I don't like tanks. Click here to watch my Overview: Stay away from this e-cig, ain't worth the hassle. Any questions welcome. Mech
  7. Anon, As a beginner, cartomizers are what you'll want to rock, until you get the hang of things. But from your other thread, it looks like you're sifting for an Ego. If you're getting an Ego-Tank, then obviously you don't need cartomizers. Depends on what you want. Personally I am not a big fan of tanks unless the device is rocking Low Resistance atty's, otherwise there's there's a huge lack of flavor. Mech
  8. Dude I'd stay away from e-cigs like that man. It just looks like something you'd pick up at a $2 store.
  9. I don't really like the LR atty's, especially on my Ego-T. They really get gunked up fast. I've got the official Joye ones as well. After about a day or so of heavy vaping, the vapor's no longer the same in terms of flavor... it becomes very bland. Guess you gotta keep cleaning these things out really often.
  10. I started vaping using LR atty's on my EGO T (manual battery). I bought 3 of these in addition to the 2 x free default attys I got in the starter kit. These are for the Ego T. The first one lasted 3 days, the 2nd one lasted 1 day, and the 3rd one 4 days. They don't last long, at least in my opinion. Not all of mine "popped" but they do get really gunked up and you gotta clean 'em. If you don't, you'll not get the nice strong flavor hit - at least that's what I've discovered. I just can't be bothered cleaning my tank atty's (it's a really troublesome process and there are videos on this
  11. +1 to Mark. 510 atty's work fine with the ego. In fact, I've just purchased some of the dual coil cartos from Health Cabin and they have the same threads that fit the ego battery. Beautiful vape by the way. Mech
  12. Hi Barb, I've had allergic reactions albeit they were quite mild. Mainly slight skin rashes but nothing major. My vapes are all 80:20 PG/VG mixes, running off my Ego-T (although I've recently switched away from using tanks - don't like em). If you think you are allergic to PG, then try a higher concentration of VG, something like 60 PG, 40 VG and see how that goes for you. If you still see the symptoms, then you gotta try cutting down on the vaping, or go back to analogues for a week and see if the rashes subside. That's the only way to tell what's going on because there are so many facto
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