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  1. Ok, I just looked at their website again....and now I'm seeing that you're all right... This is what I shouldve gotten: http://www.juicyvapo...03/Default.aspx However...what I got doesn't have that screw end. I'm sooooooooooooooooooo confused!!! LOL. I'll email the supplier.
  2. Ok, so I made my first big ordering mistake. I *thought* that the 510 soft top cartomizers were compatible with the eGo, but apparently they're not. The best way I can explain it is the eGo needs a cartomizer that has an 'outtie' screw on, and the 510 soft tops have an 'innie' screw. Since the eGo batter is an 'innie', the 510 cartomizers dont work. (innie + innie = no connection). I *hope* that makes sense. SO... two questions. Is there any kind of an adapter to fix this? If not, no problem, I'll just return them. HOWEVER, can someone PLEASE provide me a link with a soft-top cartomizer (easy to fill) that works well with the eGo so I don't do this again? Thank you!!! Rachel
  3. @CDA -- I really don't know. The cartomizers, etc aren't marked. All I can tell you is I ordered it from the website listed above and that it's the started pack for the 'eGo Passthrough'. @Jon -- is there a particular place that your order your cartomizers from? could you provide a direct link maybe?
  4. I think I have the type of cartomizer that is going to need the syringe and the 'seal' broken. Each time I watch one of these videos I'm seeing just one hole for filling and the part you pop off the cartomizer is white. This cartomizer is all black, all hard plastic, you use a pin to pull off the first hard plastic part and then there's a second hard plastic part with two tiny holes. Once you remove that it has one hole in the center but you still can't see the 'filler'. I think I need to get a couple different cartomizers (recommend ones that work with the Joye eGo?) and do the syringe thing temporarily with this one. Ugh.
  5. Ack! ... Kk. Hmm.. bought it from cignot. The Ego Passthrough version. I hope that helps?
  6. So.. I already have another question. LOL What is the *BEST* way to fill a cartomizer in your opinion(s)? .. pulled off the rubber 'condom' piece. Took out the first cap with one hole, took out the second cap with two holes. I don't have a syringe yet... but I've seen videos on doing this all kinds of ways and am SO confused. First... drip it directly in.. doesn't really matter where it goes. LOL Second... use a syringe and only use the little port / hole thats directly in the center after removing the two caps. Third... drip the juice down the sides of the inside, but try not to get it into the hole/port in the enter (directly contradicting the second method). Help??? The taste I'm getting is right after filling it.. so I don't think its dry.. i think it's just the change in taste. I have the USA Blend.
  7. I have so many questions I don't even know where to start. I've read some tutorials, watched videos, etc... so I thankfully have a lot of the basics down. I have the Ego Passthrough. 2 cartomizers, a drip tip, 2 atomizers, and 5 cartridges all which came in my starter pack. Along with juice and the battery and charger of course. So... first off... I've taken the advice of some of the videos and blown out as much of the 'storing' fluid from the cartomizer and atomizers when i first got them. First set of questions: Does the cartomizer come with initial juice like the plain carts do? Or are they empty? How much fluid / drops am I supposed to put in them to fill it? ............ I put in about 15 drops inititally, but then it started leaking out the other end. Ugh. Obviously overfilled it? Second question: How long should a cartomizer last once filled? I dont want to burn it out. I seem to be getting a pretty bad after taste / taste in my mouth. Standard? I wanted some taste or flavor to the vapor, but I'm not sure if this is it. It's almost like a bad slightly sweet taste. Third question: I previously smoked Marlboros -- does anyone have a juice they'd recommend that they really like? Preferably with a good cig taste? As odd as that may sound. Any other recommendations of juices is of course appreciated. Thanks a bunch for any help and advice! .. Much appreciated!
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