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  1. thank you for all the good info everyone! i am guessing that the process of elimination is what i will have to try first there is really no way to know what the "dime store" version of the ecigs have in them anyway. And i am going with the menthol high cartridges as well so it may be the menthol and not the PG?? So i will order a kit and try the PG first (non menthol) and see if that is part of the problem. i had ordered the PG liquid before and had no problems with it but quit as i didnt like the ecig set up i had and at that time figured that i wouldn't like it period so had gone back to t
  2. hello all! i started with my new ecig last week. it is just a cheap one from the local cigarrette store to see how i liked it and although i know it is not the best way to go i am pleased to have not had a cigarrette in over a week. however since i started using the ecig i have had terrible itching all over my body. no rash there -no nothing - even went to the dermotologist thinking something has got to be wrong and he said there is nothing there (he implied it may be my imagination:) or heat. I have researched a little on the internet and found that some people appear to be allergic to the pg
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