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  1. So all that said, its the kind of device that fits my preferences in that its simple, consistent and allows we to set it up and use it for a day without any dripping, refilling or battery changes. It is really the only device I use anymore, with other devices and parts sitting in drawer. I am sure its not for everyone but for me - its the plain and simple go to device and the only thing I really vape anymore. Hope that helps
  2. 47 for me ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. My first "drag" on an e-cig yielded the same result, as I quickly learned the e-cig is NOT a cigarette and the technique is different. With an analog I inhaled deeply, drawing smoke and chemicals deep into my lungs with a long hard draw. With the e-cig I find I take a long draw, but the draw does not need the deepness of an analog draw. Try again with a slow and steady lighter draw, holding the vapor in the mouth, until the end of draw, then take it into the lungs. You will quickly find the cough goes away with this slight chance in technique. Just about every smoker who has tried my e-cig does exactly the same thing - deep draw and cough cough. Despite my warnings! I also agree with the eGO recommendation (stainless is quite stylish) and I began and broke the analog habit with the ego, I have moved on to mods and still have my eGO, but do not tend to use it so often anymore, but it was the device that began my movement. Good luck and please ask any questions you might have.
  4. So I have been testing and trying LR attys for the first time and I do admit, I like um. So after a couple of weeks - I am thinking about three, with the LR I had an issue and the mod stopped working. I just tested the atty that was on the mod at the time and hooked her up to the old multimeter and the ohm reading was 8.5 - WTH. So I tested a couple of others to be sure it wasn't me doing something wrong and the other two I tested were right where they should be so the reading is accurate. So what causes a LR Atty to go from being LR to the extreme other end?
  5. I have been through security countless times with my e-cig supplies and never have I even been questioned about what is that. Mind you I say this with some surprise myself since I have bottom feeder devices with a bottle of juice, a big ol battery(ies) one is wood and one is metal. I leave the batteries in the device and take the bottle out, I cap it and put it with several other bottles and truth be told I do not put them in with my other one quart zip top bag with my toiletries and still have not had a problem. In other words I have one personal bag and one juice bag and still no issues (if pressed too, I can fit the juice bag in the other bag to fully comply if needed). You should have no problem - just one tip, be sure any bottles are tightly closed with carry on bags as the changes in cabin pressure can cause a loosely closed bottle to leak and thats not pleasant. p.s. Not that I HAVE or anything but it one were to vape lightly in the restroom, and hold the vapor and then gently exhale into a tissue one could easily vape on a longer flight.
  6. I have no doubt you will love it! And in the interest of disclosure I total just linked to a picture that had been posted on ECF so those are not my devices. I might have to take a family photo soon though. Will your batteries be there in time as well? I got so said the day the mail woman deliver the Reo thinking the batteries had not arrived yet but she had put the rest of the mail in the mailbox - which reminds me, you need to sign for it - he ships signature required typically! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. While most of the news in here is FDA related but this is an interesting development I think. Most of us here think Green smoke is overpriced and underperformance products but this single race sponsorship seems like a pretty smart move to me. Green Smoke to Sponsor T.J. Bell in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway First electronic cigarette company to sponsor NASCAR driver in 52nd running of NASCAR's longest race MIAMI, May 9, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Green Smoke , one of the nation's leading electronic cigarette brands, is proud to announce that it will sponsor T.J. Bell in the 52nd running of the Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday, May 29th at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Bell, who is known to NASCAR fans in the Camping World Truck and Nationwide Series, will pilot the No. 50 Green Smoke Toyota Camry in his first attempt to qualify for NASCAR's longest race on the sport's largest stage - the Sprint Cup Series. Green Smoke's sponsorship of Bell will mark its first NASCAR endeavor, as well as the first NASCAR sponsorship by any organization within the electronic cigarette industry. "One of the world's signature televised sporting events, NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600 is the ideal global platform to showcase the partnership of Green Smoke and T.J. Bell, a talented NASCAR driver who is making the move to NASCAR's premiere division, the Sprint Cup Series," states Steven Arnold, VP of Marketing & Customer Satisfaction for Green Smoke , an industry leader in providing an authentic, alternative smoking experience. "NASCAR represents the passion and peak performance of American race car driving to a worldwide audience and T.J. Bell epitomizes the NASCAR competitive spirit at its very best," continued Arnold. "A gifted driver at the threshold of an exciting career, T.J.'s talent has captured the attention of the American public in past performances in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Bell's No. 50 Green Smoke Toyota Camry will be state-of-the-art equipment. We look forward to seeing Bell and the Green Smoke Toyota Camry competing among the biggest names in NASCAR." "Every driver goes into racing wanting to compete at the highest level possible. Green Smoke has come on board to make racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series a reality for me and I'm looking forward to putting our No. 50 Green Smoke Toyota Camry to the test at Charlotte," said Bell, who currently resides in Mooresville, NC. "This is a big step forward for my career and Green Smoke couldn't have picked a more perfect market to promote its product. I'm looking forward to a great future with Green Smoke and a very exciting Coca-Cola 600 debut." T.J. Bell (Timothy Peter Bell, Jr.), born August 25, 1980 in Sparks, NV, has raced in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series. Prior to joining the stock car racing scene, he made a name for himself in the Toyota Atlantics Series. Bell has raced for more than two decades, accumulating 20 top-10 finishes in ARCA competition and 13 NASCAR career top-10s. Green Smoke will sponsor Bell's No. 50 Toyota Camry for at least three Sprint Cup events this season. About Green Smoke Green Smoke Inc. is based in Miami, FL and was founded to provide smokers with an exciting new alternative to traditional cigarettes. As a leading electronic cigarette brand, Green Smoke was amongst the first companies to deliver a simple two piece e-cigarette. Today, Green Smoke continues to pride itself on consistently delivering the highest quality products and the most authentic e-cigarette smoking experience.
  8. It is - the grand and the mini (not shown but the same as the grand, just smaller with a 3 ML bottle) is made from aircraft aluminum and is a solid box with a slide on door. The woodvil is effectively the same, with a solid wood box with a single door panel (held on with magnets) His feed system is very solid and the performance on all his mods is outstanding. I will admit the big plus to reo (verse Ali'i) are two things. One the feed system is quite a bit more solid and the second is when you order it, it ships within a day or two, verse the Ali'i which is custom made when you order it so it takes several weeks from the time you order. You are gonna love this egoluvr - you might need to change your forum name! hehe
  9. I have an Ali'i (variable voltage) and I do love it, but I have some concerns about its ability to take an impact - i.e. dropping it! - and because I do travel and such that was a concern. As a result I ordered a Reo Grand and go it last week and I will admit - I love it too. I suspect that you are going to love the woodvil. His craftsmanship is top notch and the Grand vapes very nicely. I just got home from a weekend get away and only took the Grand leaving the Ali'i home. I brought my eGo but never used it once. I am sure you are going to love it. As far as a picture, well this should help, but its easier to go check it out on his site reomods.com While not the Bloodwood that egoluvr got the woodvil is on the left and the grand is on the right.
  10. Your batteries will be fine, you do not run the risk of overcharging and thus damaging. As a general rule of thumb, if I walk past and its charged I do remove it, but I do not plan my days or nights around watching the charger. Welcome and enjoy the vape!
  11. sounds very much like the battery is stuck in the on mode, most likely a button malfunction - we do put those buttons through their paces.
  12. Oh man, I just ordered a Reo Mod, had you provided this link first I would have done this! Amazing!
  13. Actually just to be clear, vaportalkstore.com is still there and exists in connection with forevervapor.com - vaportalkstore has a ship within 24 hour promise and they take it very seriously, shipping originates in California so it would be coming cross county, but for what is is worth, my very first order with them was placed at 4:30 PM ET on a saturday and the package arrived to me in FL in my Monday mail. Forevevapor ships from the factory in China and will therefore take longer to arrive.
  14. ah the joys of humanity! thanks for the laugh at the end of a rough day!
  15. As said, do what you will. I would suggest looking at the Mentha offered by VT Store or the sweet-vapes menthol which is a rather unique menthol and you can set your own "coldness" level with that. As a lifelong menthol smoker I too quickly learned menthol juices didnt work for me, but tried both of these and found them both to be a very nice flavor and a nice additive to other flavors to give them a menthol kick.
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