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  1. then i think before the end of the month i will have one havent yet decided on whether i should get the 510 or the ego im deff against the tanks tho, not really sure why but i see alot of negative reviews on them
  2. thanks one of the main things im curious about with this question is related to the slight but noticeable burning feeling and roughness i get. like is it supposed to be this way? are all of them, even the expensive ones supposed to be rough or harsh? i like ecigs, and so far it has replaced my desire for analogs. but i wish it were smoother goin down my throat instead of feeling like its burning like an analog almost.
  3. thats basically all im asking lol well, i ask because i have a cheap ecig with rechargeable battery that has a cartomizer, i think and i noticed that when i take long drags that i can feel the butt warming up a bit on my lips. im sure thats not natural or good i think that it burns the liquid too much and that may be the reason why its a little harsh when i inhale and very dry. i mean, if its supposed to be water vapors then i dont see why it would be dry when i inhale. whats with that?
  4. @ RON, im not sure, i just got mine a few days ago and havent finished the first cart yet, but rest assured when i do i will be takin it apart kuz i have a knack of taking things apart lol if there is a cotton-like material, what would that mean? @ MCQUINN thanks. yes i guess its a cart from what ive been researching. it makes sense that they make more money from pre-filled carts, dont know yet what i would prefer since i just started and i havent had the opportunity to try out one with an atomizer with separate cartridge. but something tells me that my lazy *** would prefer the pre-
  5. @ TroopX hey how do i put that lil banner under my messages like what you have?
  6. oh ok so the thickness is on account of the battery size. thanks.
  7. as opposed to the joye ego that ive been looking at i like it because it fits in my ear like a pen and thats where i can keep it i also dont really like the push button feature, do i have to hold the button down in order to take a drag? what are slimmer models that are just as good as the ego ?
  8. @ beans thanks. i think ur right. im gonna stick with this one for now, i guess its a cheap solution for a beginner and ill see how it goes from here on i think ima stick with it tho lol where do i find the Ego?
  9. its from 21stcenturysmoke.com i wonder if it can be refilled if i buy the liquids
  10. Aug. 1, 2011 the website is : 21stcenturysmoke.com i bought it after a days worth of searching in malls and other places that might have some and what not and decided on this one since i really couldnt find any others that came with a charger. i kind of wanted the purecig.com one but decided on this 21st century e cig. can yall check out the website and let me know what you think of it? ive been smoking it since last night, its ok and i can totally see myself using it long term as well as replacing cigarettes completely (not just quitting lol) im curious about the dryness t
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