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    • And in a fraction of a second, what does the following look like to you:

      Looks an awful lot to the barrel of a gun to me.

      Sent from my heart using the Vapor Talk App. OK...OK...I'm kidding. I have no heart. But I did use the Vapor Talk Mobile App.

    • You know it could indeed been suicide by cop..I didn't think of that

      Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk

    • Sad when anyone  is killed, but one thing they are not saying on the news (MSM) is that the suspect took a " Isosceles shooting stance " at cops while holding that mod (or possibly nothing) in his hands... as shown by the El Cajon PD released footage (screen shot taken the moment shots were fired):   Anyone taking an threatening, offensive, isosceles shooting stance towards a LEO is going to get shot... EVERY TIME, regardless of what is or isn't in their hands!  Cops (and anyone who's taken a proper firearms defense class) are trained to recognize movement which is deemed "threatening to your life".  This stance towards the officers is clearly a threat of lethal force... perhaps his goal was suicide by cop?
    • Being one myself I try to stay out of any discussion of police shootings...especially in this day and age when we (police officers, deputy sheriff's, state troopers...all law enforcement) are under the constant scrutiny of the public eye. I'm chiming in on this one.   The above picture is a still from eye witness cell phone video of the police shooting referenced by @smacksy.  Take a close look at the man.  In a fraction of a second my training and experience tells me threat is imminent.  I can guarantee it told those officers the exact same thing.  The subjects hands are together, his hands are pointed at the officer and he is holding an unidentifiable object. I could play Monday Morning Quarterback on this, but I won't.  I'm not the officer who squeezed the trigger.  I'm not the officer who was providing cover.  I don't know what their thought processes were.  I only know what my thought process would have been and my thought process would have instantly put me into survival mode. 'Nuff said for now.
    • Right? If I can't hook someone up with my unused stuff, I shop for them online and get them the best deals I can find.
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