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  1. Welcome to Vapor Talk!

    1. Forum Announcements & Rules

      If you're new to the board, drop into this forum for a moment and quickly read over a few of the forum rules.

    2. Site Feedback & Help

      If you need help using any part of Vapor Talk or something isn't working quite right, let us know. 

    3. Vapor Talk Store Discussion

      The official Vapor Talk Store. Feel free to post questions, comment or complaints and we'll be happy to assist. Get help directly from the Vapor Talk Staff. We'll also occasionally post sales, specials and coupons so be sure to follow this sub forum. 

  2. General e Cigarette Forum

    1. New Vapers Forum

      If you're new to e Cigarettes. Start here.

    2. General Vaping Discussion

      Sub forum for General vaping discussion and chat.

    3. General E-Liquid Discussion

      Sub forum for general e-liquid discussions and chat. Please note that DIY e liquid has it's own sub forum.

    4. Latest Vaping Products

      Stay up to date on the latest e cigarette products and vape gear. Found something new? Post it here.

  3. Modding & Technical

    1. Modders Forum

      Subforum for you to ask questions relating to e-cigarette mods. Also a great place to share your mod tips and tricks.

      Moderator: Adversarious1, jasonculp
    2. APV and Mods Discussion

      General discussion about Advanced Personal Vaporizers or mods: generic battery models aka 2nd-generation e-cigs and onward - general topics except building mods.

      Moderator: Adversarious1, jasonculp
    3. Tanks, Clearomizers & Drop in Coils

      A forum for general discussion of clearomizers and tanks like the Aero, Glassomizer, Vivi Nova, Nautilus, Protank. Clearos include the CE4, iClear16, CE5 etc These tanks usually contain ready to go "drop in coils" and are not rebuildable. 

      Moderator: Adversarious1, jasonculp
    4. Rebuildable Atomizer Systems

      Subforum for rebuildable atomizers - RBA, RTA, RDA. AKA Cloud Chasing.

      Moderator: Adversarious1, jasonculp
    5. Help It Broke! - eCig Technical Issues

      E-Cigarette Broken? Get help here. If you're having technical issues with your electronic cigarette post in this sub forum.

      Moderator: Adversarious1, jasonculp
  4. Vaping News, Events & Campaigning

    1. Vaping In The News

      Medial and General News related to e-cigarettes and vaping. Post any vaping related news you've come across or would like to personally share.

    2. Vaping Legislation News

      Sub forum to discuss legislative news, state saws and other Regulations that govern the sale and use of e-cigarettes where you live.

    3. 169
    4. Campaigning

      Protect your right to Vape. Use this forum for any campaigning ideas you have and get them into action.

    5. Vape Meets and Conventions

      Discuss the latest vape meets or convention. Start one in your area!

    6. Vape Agenda.com   (1,148 visits to this link)

      Add your next vape event, trade show & more free of charge on Vapor Talk's sister website, Vape Agenda. 

  5. Resources

    1. Health & Safety

      Discuss any side effects, worries or health problems related vaping.

    2. Member Tutorials

      Help out new users and post a tutorial here

  6. e Cigarette Reviews

    1. e Cigarette Hardware Reviews

      Just purchased a new e Cigarette or accessory? Now it's time to discuss and review your Electronic Cigarette!

      Moderator: Adversarious1
    2. e Liquid Reviews

      A place for you to review your new or favorite eliquids

      Moderator: Adversarious1
    3. Requests for Opinions/Reviews - NEW

      Can't find a review? Want to know more about a specific product? Ask the VT members!

      Moderator: Adversarious1
    4. Online Vape Store & Supplier Reviews

      Browse and leave reviews about your favorite online vape store or local brick and mortar. 

      Moderator: Adversarious1
  7. The Lounge

    1. The Vape Lounge - Off Topic Chat

      An area for members to kick back and chit chat about non vaping related topics. 

    2. Off Topic News Discussion

      For non related Vape News. Share interesting articles from your daily news feed. Discuss everything from interesting and funny local news to more serious political and controversial topics. Debating is welcomed and even encouraged but remember attack the topic, not the poster.

    3. Polls and Questionnaires

      Post your poll topics and questionnaires here

    4. The VIP Room

      Special area for our 500+ Post Members. It's lights out in the VIP forum with a customized dark theme (which VIP members can use site wide). Rules are generally lax, search engines are off limits in this area. Members with over 500 posts will auto enter the VIP group.

  8. Buying & Selling

    1. Member Classifieds: Buy, Sell or Trade

      Area for members to buy, sell or their old, new or used gear. Vendors may not post here.

  9. Shop with Vapor Talk

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      Shop securely with the Vapor Talk Store! Vapor Talk Store is one of the oldest online electronic cigarette stores in business since 2008! We offers some of the lowest prices on the net and free shipping! Choose from our wide selection of mods, batteries, e liquid, starter kits, accessories and more. Can't find what you're looking for? Message us and we'll order it in for you! Best of all, if something goes wrong, you know where to find us

    2. Daily Deal   (292 visits to this link)

      Rotating Vape Deals! Sometimes it’s overstock, sometimes we’re just introducing something new. Act fast! We rotate deals often.

    3. Vape Bargains   (295 visits to this link)

      Our Loss Is Your Gain! Often times an item makes it into the bargain bin not because there’s anything wrong, but because a new model has replaced it. If it’s an eliquid, it’s never expired and is likely making way for a version with a newer label or similar situation. These items are “while supplies last” and a great way to grab vape items on the cheap.

    4. e Liquid bargains   (306 visits to this link)

      If an e liquid is in the bargain bin, it’s not because there’s anything wrong, but because a new flavor has likely replaced it. The e juice is never expired and is likely making way for a version with a newer label or similar situation. These items are “while supplies last” and a great way to grab vape items on the cheap!

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