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GeekVape Wenax Q Review Cigbest


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GeekVape Wenax Q Review Cigbest


Thanks to CigBest for sending me this product to review!

The device is now on sale at Cigbest for only $16.59. Definitely check it out

Disclaimer: This review is my own thoughts and I am not associated with anyone at CigBest, nor am I being paid to write this review.



In the box:

  • 1 x Device

  • 1 x USB Cable (Type-C)

  • 2 x Geekvape Q Cartridge (2ml)

    • (Pre-installed: 0.6 ohm, Spare: 1.2 ohm)



  • 3-level airflow adjustments

  • 25W output

  • Childproof design

  • Compatible with Q cartridge

  • HD OLED display

  • Top fill





The Geekvape Wenax Q is an easy to use pod device with a stick shape formfactor. It has a button, a display, airflow control and wattage detection. A lot of features that could be good for either the long time vaper or something interesting for someone just starting out vaping. 


The HD OLED display tells you the wattage, the puffcount and the battery bar. There is no battery percentage visible, just a battery with four little bars to tell you what your battery level is. When you press the button three times you can adjust the wattage and when you press the button 5 times, you lock the button, so you can make the device inhale-to-draw only. When you press the button another 5 times, you fully turn off the device.


The airflow control on the device is accurate, with for me fully closed a bit too tight for a comfortable draw. If you like that really, really tight mouth-to-lung that might be what you’re gonna want to set it to. With the 1.2 ohm pod I like to have it just a tad open for medium tight MTL. With the 0.6 ohm pod, I’d say crank that wattage up and put the airflow all the way open.


When you put the pod into the device, it chooses a certain wattage, which you can change in increments of 1. You can only change it to a wattage that’s in the recommended range for the pod.





The Wenax Q comes in a sleek pen style design, like a lot of pods we know on the market. It comes in a range of different colors. We have a matt black finish and some shiny, glossy finishes, as shown in the picture above. On the right side of the device, is the airflow control, which has three slots you can adjust with the slider. On the left side of the device is the charging hole. On the front of the device you can find the button, the display and some Wenax branding. On the back it’s really just the Geekvape branding for this device. 





I was blown away by the flavor these pods give. Pods are really starting to get somewhere in that regard. They are really starting to be good competitors to other, bigger and more expensive vapes, or even disposables flavorwise. On the bottom of these pods it says the ohms and the wattages, besides some big magnets that keep the pod in place.


I really appreciate that the pod is completely clear. No tinted plastic or something like that, which would make it harder to see the eliquid level. Just plain clear plastic, so it’s easy to see throughout the day how much juice you have left.


I do find myself having to fill a pod that only has a 2ml capacity multiple times a day, but it’s a common capacity, because of the TPD, so I see why companies and brands such as Geekvape would make this choice. It is crack to fill, so when I can barely see the liquid coming out of the device anymore, I know it’s time to crack that black top off and fill the pod. I did notice a little hiccup when filling the device, which was that the hole in the pod which should let air get out, didn’t really do that. So sometimes it would be a little bit of a pain to fill a pod, just a bit of holding the pod sideways and not pressing the juice bottle too hard.





The 1.2 ohm pod is definitely for those who love an MTL style for vaping. I enjoyed vaping it, but I did notice the 0.6 ohm pod gave me a little bit more flavor. Don’t get me wrong, they both gave a very flavorful experience, but I just found the 0.6 ohm pod a little bit better in that department. I think this may have to do with the higher wattage that it’s recommended for. With the 1.2 ohm pod you can only change the wattage from 9-13 watts. With the 0.6 ohm pod you can change the wattage from 19-25 watts. I’d assume if you could take the 1.2 ohm pod up about 2 watts, it would be a better experience in terms of flavor. You would of course burn out the coil faster by doing this. Other than that I do really appreciate the set wattage control, so you don’t accidentally instantly burn out your coils.


The battery was also consistent and performed about the same as a Xros device, so the 1.000mAh seems to be accurate. Like I said, the battery has four bars on the screen, but the button also has a led to indicate the battery percentage for you. It has green (100% - 70%), blue (69% - 31%) and red (30% - 0%). When charging the device the colors go in different increments: Steady green (100%), breathing green (>75%), breathing blue (50% - 74%), breathing white (25% - 49%) and breathing red (<25%).


The device feels nice in both performing MTL as RDL, with the 1.2 ohm pod definitely more toward the MTL side and the 0.6 ohm pod more toward the RDL side. With the 1.2 ohm pod and the airflow wide open you could also do RDL if you really wanted to, but the 0.6 ohm pod really shines in this department. The flavor you get from it with the wattage at 23-25 and the airflow all the way open, really is immaculate. To me, the device felt a bit too tight with the airflow all the way closed, with either pod. I always keep it a tad open, and like I said fully open for the 0.6 ohm pod.





  • 1.000 mAh battery

  • 2 pods

  • Wattage control

  • Airflow control

  • USB-C on the side

  • Top fill

  • Clear pods

  • Flavorful pods

  • Passthrough vaping

  • Affordable


Cons (actually just the one)

  • The air hole in the pod doesn’t seem to release any air



The Geekvape Wenax Q is a user-friendly pod device with a sleek, pen-style design. It features an HD OLED display showing wattage, puff count, and battery level. Airflow control is accurate, offering customization for different preferences. The 1.2 ohm and 0.6 ohm pods deliver impressive flavor and performance.


The 1,000mAh battery gives consistent performance, indicated by the display and LED light on the button. The transparent pods allow easy monitoring of e-liquid levels. However, the 2ml capacity might need some refilling throughout the day. One downside is that the air hole in the pod seems ineffective at releasing air.


I’d say the device offers a satisfying vaping experience with its user-friendly features, stylish design, and flavorful pods. It's suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers. I’d definitely recommend picking it up, especially if you’re still smoking cigarettes or using disposable vapes!





Thanks for reading this review and also another big thanks to CigBest for sending over this product for review. It's always cool to see companies collaborating with reviewers in the vaping community. Definitely check out their website and products over at https://www.cigbest.com 


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