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Study linking vaping to heart attacks muddied amid spat between two tobacco researchers


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Two prominent vaping researchers are facing off over claims that electronic cigarettes double the risk of heart attacks in adults, muddying the science over how best to stop smoking.  

Brad Rodu, a University of Louisville professor, asked the Journal of the American Heart Association to retract a study out last month by University of California, San Francisco professor Stanton Glantz.

The study, co-authored by Dharma Bhatta, claimed adult vaping was "associated with" a doubled risk of heart attack, but Glantz went farther in a blog post, saying the study represented "more evidence that e-cigs cause heart attacks." 

However, when Rodu obtained the federal data, he found the majority of the 38 patients in the study who had heart attacks had them before they started vaping — by an average of 10 years earlier. In his letter to the editors, Rodu called Glantz's findings "false and invalid."

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Anything I have read that Glantz has written (and granted that isn't much, because when I see he authored it, I'm done reading) has been quite different from other researchers.   Makes me wonder if he's in BT's pocket.

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To begin with, any "study" coming out of California, I automatically look at as suspect.  When it comes to whether vape or smoke cigarettes, I much prefer my chances vaping over cigarettes.  And ..... it may seem a bit morbid to think about, but I would choose to have "my lights go out" with a heart attack than spend my last days in agony with lung cancer from smokes.  Now, with that said I'm not in favor of rushing either outcome.  That's why after 50 years of smoking cigarettes, after a friend offered me his vape rig to try, I went out and bought myself a setup.  The day I started vaping I put cigarettes down and havent looked back.  That was 6+ years ago.  Vaped 4 years, stopped vaping 2 years ago.  So I guess that means now I dont have to worry about having a heart attack or lung cancer.  

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