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Hi guys!! (need help with Caliburn G)

Shauna Conway

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Glad to be here, my name is Shauna!!

I've been an ex-smoker for 5 years now and let me just say, ive been a viewer here for so long and just now decided to create a profile because im definitely dedicated to vaping and ive even gotten my friends to quit smoking.

im also here for the advice yall give. im currently having an issue as i now write! my Caliburn G keeps on auto-firing out of nowhere and its causing me TOO MUCH stress!!!

I've done allllllllllll the basics. should I just completely switch to a different pod system???? is this it???


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Like Cany said, it could be your button sticking. What I would suggest is to take a cotton swab, dip it into some rubbing alcohol (squeeze out excess liquid), then swab around the button. Then, push down on the button and move it around a bit. Hopefully, once you do that a few times, it'll stop auto-firing.

Haven't used the Caliburn G although I have looked at it. Of all the pod systems I've used, the pods seem to leak onto the battery and causes all kinds of problems. I prefer using my eLeaf iPower 80W with an Aspire Triton 2 tank. That's been my rig of choice for quite a few years now and haven't had any issues at all.

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On 1/15/2022 at 8:52 AM, msvap said:


 my name is Ricky, i am from msvap . happy to be newer here . thank you!

 vaping is better ,i think so. 

 i dont smoke usually . my throat doesn't let me do this.

Yes I do also

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