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What ohm should I use for 150 watt or upto 220w I've done some searching and what I currently watt at is not recommended for the ohm I have at 0.14 im going to buy a pack of 0.85 0.50 0.45 and 0.36 what should I use ?

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Forget the wattage.  it's not important.

whatever coil you put in, set the voltage at about 3.7 V.   then vape it and adjust up from there. somewhere in there you will find a sweet spot. Make a note of the wattage (watts are a product of voltage accross the resistance (ohm))

whenever you use a different ohm coil, do the same thing.  If your using the same coil, vape the wattage you found works.  

the higher the voltage (or wattage - same difference) the more you will shorten coil life. So if you want longer life, be conservative in your power settings. 

A brand new coil will take higher power for a while.  But you are likely to burn it out faster. there is always a trade off.

I usually vape any coil I make at 3.9 - 4.2 volts and let the wattage fall where it may. (I get long coil life - 2 to 4 weeks). You can't adjust voltage and wattage separately.  they are tied together.  When you "raise the wattage" you are really just increasing the voltage across the coil.  Raise the voltage and the watts goes up. lower the voltage and the watts go down. 

Its fine to remember the wattage and use that number to set your mod as manufacturers seem to realize that people focus in the wattage. But it's really the voltage you are changing. 

It's like a car.  The speedometer doesnt make the car go.  You dont "raise the speedometer", (wattage), you give it more gas (voltage). 

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A good way to determine what the wattage should be to get a certain voltage is to use this website http://www.steam-engine.org/ohm.html 

Just put your coil resistance in, put in your voltage, and the wattage will be displayed. A example would be a .14 coil at 3.7 volts would give you about 98 watts.

I hope this is helpful.

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Bebo your a massive help to me I didn't know none of this my v was at 1.88 so I turned it to 3.7v my watt went to 85.4 so I left it there ohm at 0.16 will try a different coil that I brought as I'm not liking my own builds

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you are right in the ballpark at 4.05 Volts

You can bump it up if you like.  try anything you like. I would guess upwards of 80 - 90 watts. 

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